miercuri, 9 noiembrie 2011

The Little Review

When I was little, little small -  under my bed where an enchanted world, mystery land tales untold, Elf's and Gremlin's do battle and play,only coming out at the end of the day. Fairies and pixies live in that twilight zone safe in the knowledge that this is their home. Under the bed all these folks lived and stay the same,a magic playground over which I laid.

Later I wanted to be an astronaut, to open my eyes and watch the sky. I always loved the feeling I’ve had it and I stil have it  -  whenever I look at pictures of the galaxy, of planets and the moon and stars.   I read intensively on whatever I could find on these heavenly bodies, I completed the astrologist card and decorated my science file from my mind with pictures of Uranus and the rings of Jupiter, I counted the moons of every planet.  I memorized their names and I was so intrigued.

The sense of mystery and utter loneliness these planets stars and the cosmos strike in me is simply indescribable. I could hear the silence of space when I looked at them, revolving slowly in all its splendor but still painfully alone, with no one even to hear their loudest cries when they burst into explosion after they’ve had enough.

Now, I want to be laying on my own „private” beach imaginary, with beautiful clear water and soft white sand. I want to feel the sun beating down on me, warming my skin.I want to listen to the waves gently lapping against the shore.I want to feel a gentle breeze and smell the ocean air.  I want a good book in one hand a better Margarita in the other, soft music and a clear road beckons.

Mom told me once years ago..."My beautiful girl, it's a long road that don't turn..be nice to people and, they'll mostly be nice to you...and, always treat people even your enamy fair after I"m gone"...Mom, you were so right...it's a LONG road,, and it don't turn...and yes, I treated all of them fair, and then,, they rammed a long knife all the way in my back...and, even sometimes it hurts, it's over now.
Don’t worry Mom -   I'm done with them.

Thank you for reading & being part of this.. & Have a wonderful day or night, wherever you are My Angel!



Cee on 9 noiembrie 2011, 14:46 spunea...
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Cee on 9 noiembrie 2011, 14:47 spunea...

Your mom was so sweet. Even is she's not physically present, she continuously guide your way through her words of wisdom.

And Dyeve, don't worry about the people who didn't treat you fairly, karma is a bitch—let alone handle it—and also, they're very few compared to the amount of loving friends you have around.

*hugs to you

roland.theys on 10 noiembrie 2011, 18:52 spunea...

Wonderful photo!

Dyeve on 11 noiembrie 2011, 17:44 spunea...


This was really touching.Thanks, Cee! x
It's weird, but I feel like I was just talking to her. I finally past the onslaught of calendar firsts since she died but there are still all kinds of other firsts I wish she were here for...But, that's life and I'm happy that I have few lovely good friends.... smiles

Dyeve on 11 noiembrie 2011, 17:45 spunea...


smiles - Thank you! Have a great weekend ahead!:)


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