sâmbătă, 29 mai 2010

Say anything else.....


I had the ” chance” to find this picture into an article etitled ”This is England” on dazeddigital.... Oki, I said..Long live the King and let’s have a look !

I found  the work of about seven artists like: Nicky Carvell, Richard Galloway, The Girls, David Hancock, Alana Lake, Sarah Maple, Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom. I don't have any idea about them even I love art some way.  I mean a good one.

So, I looked at this picture  more than 10 min, ( I  swear :P)....and many ideas crossed my mind.    I don't say that it isn't art - because art is crazy like fashion.  I agree, at some point &  craziness are blessed in my life ( till some point, too..), but my question here is: This "semple" girl went to a hairdresser to get some artificial intelligence and don’t get it enough to share with the painter Stuart Semple, too or what? She is blondie  as you see...also me sometimes..:)

But,why am I the only „bitch” here ?  Becouse I am too „stupid” to understand this artist, if  using Malcom McLaren words as a model for creativity: "Be childish. Be irresponsible. Be disrespectful. Be everything this society hates." He?

Well, thank youuu... than,  like this will make a better world and a great future for all of uss – without respect and Laws. Why to need them in society? Can I include the children too? Deal, then.

I'm sorry that I am just a "form"  of life witch can still think, decide, have feelings, but wait..that was created by another species...right?

I don’t know what makes me such a „bad girl” here. MML words , or just bad art?
Once Paul O'Neill said about art : "The purpose of art is to create an emotional response in the person that is exposed to that art. And there are three categories of art; bad art, good art and great art. Bad art will elicit no emotional response in the person that is exposed to it."

Agree with the last part and with that:  too much art will kill our a$$e$ some day...
Have a great, kraitzzz wikendzzz!

PS -
What a------- was all about? Ha ha


Ram Bansal, the Theosoph on 29 mai 2010, 03:07 spunea...

Well done dear Dyeve, in sharing what modernity calls as 'art' at the peril of respect to mothers of humanity. I am emotionally with you for ever.

Will on 29 mai 2010, 04:13 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
"Beauty is in the eye off the beholder"But in this case the quote"God save the queen"is very fitting!
Have a great week-end.
don't get to many tattoos!:)

KBspot on 30 mai 2010, 05:29 spunea...

i wonder whats next art they make ... could it be ...?

Dyeve on 1 iunie 2010, 09:31 spunea...

@KB spot

You just read my mind. :)


Dyeve on 1 iunie 2010, 09:34 spunea...


When we say something is beautiful, are we recommending to others that they should take delight in it?

Beauty brings enjoyment to the person who looks or contemplates, right? so..?

Have a great day, Will!


Dyeve on 1 iunie 2010, 09:36 spunea...

@Ram Bansal, the Theosoph

Thank you to drop by, I really was worried about you - and now I happy that I find that you're ok.Why I think like that? Becouse I sow that more than few weeks you was absent even from you're sites..

Thxs again. Take care!


Anonim spunea...

interesting story, would agree with Will that it's more of God save the queen and a beautiful one at that, she must be delicious too......

Dyeve on 5 iunie 2010, 05:21 spunea...

@ theBluesMan

Hi, there!

There is no disputing about tastes or de gustibus non est disputandum in this case.:P



Ali on 5 iunie 2010, 09:50 spunea...

mmmm life is beauty :)

Sci-Fi Gene on 5 iunie 2010, 15:41 spunea...

I don't understand the confusion. This is just an everyday scene here in England - it's like going to McDonalds. Indeed if I don't get to eat a picnic artfully arranged on the naked body of a blonde lying in my garden (say, if it's raining) then I consider it a bad day. How do you eat lunch in Romania?

Dyeve on 6 iunie 2010, 17:13 spunea...

@ Ali
Life is really beautiful as you watch the efforts of this artist to make it - lovely. :))


Dyeve on 6 iunie 2010, 17:45 spunea...

@Sci-Fi Gene

I take the lunch usually at seven o'clock always alarmed and worried becouse I am the lunch. :(
The next day, the police are investigating the scene crime and the lunch was found in Nadal's garden from Spain when "The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain."

Ba da Ba da I'm love in it! :))


Sci-Fi Gene on 6 iunie 2010, 20:12 spunea...

Don't worry Dyeve, lunch is on me next time!

Actually I noticed this exhibition is on in London right now. I'll try and get there during the week & see what the fuss is all about.

Ladygoodwood on 6 iunie 2010, 20:38 spunea...

Perhaps the inspiration was the movie "9 and a half weeks" where Mickey Rourke ate the contents of the fridge off Kim Bassinger! Perhaps the artist saw it as a teenager and has fantasised about it ever since - or perhaps he sees the female form as a banquet... or perhaps he just got left this dummy in Auntie Adas will and he has spread out the funeral tea on it!

Dyeve on 7 iunie 2010, 14:25 spunea...


Ya-ba-da-ba-duuu! I love youuu! <3

Thanks a lot for the reply, you don’t have any idea how happily I am.
I love you’re last reply..”.. ... and he has spread out the funeral tea on it!” hi hi

No, let’s say I was more "offended" by his slogan asociated whih this „piece-of-art”..and the title „This is England!” . Well I don’t think so.. with so much history behind her deserve such a comparation. That’s was all about it..In the rest was just a little craziness from my part.


Dyeve on 7 iunie 2010, 14:26 spunea...

Sci-Fi Gene

..Don't let that go to waste, bcz it will be to amazing anyway. . but if that lunch „ fuss-about-her-golden-dress” doesn’t lunch at all, plss email me at u_hurt_me02@andmylunch.com



Sci-Fi Gene on 11 iunie 2010, 13:16 spunea...

Visited the exhibition - very funny & thoughtful takes on English culture - e.g. a queue leading nowhere. This slice of Anglophilia is by "The Girls" who photograph themselves during performance art. They are the blonde woman with the food and the "man" enjoying it.

Anonim spunea...

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Dyeve on 12 iunie 2010, 19:24 spunea...

@ Sci-Fi Gene

Hey, SFG! Finally you really did it!

I hope,you could get also some photos from there.Must been that something about them catch-your-eye.

All the best - the best!


Dyeve on 12 iunie 2010, 19:30 spunea...

@Anonim (Vlad) :)

Thx again.De data asta iti promit ca pana luni chiar am sa te contactez.Am sa intru pe messenger la id-ul acesta radiowhisper_com right(?) si am sa incerc sa iau legatura cu tine Vlad.

No pb.deja sunteti in pagina mea de o saptamana, chiar imi place ft mult postul vostru de radio.
Propunerea ta pare destul de interesanta so, keep in touch!

Un week-end minunat!


AGAPI Studios on 2 iulie 2010, 11:19 spunea...

Art Rocks ... "bad art will illicit no response" wow ... That's a great definition in a world were the definition is constantly at issue.

I don't think the world will end at least not for those who doubt it will.

Dyeve on 2 iulie 2010, 13:09 spunea...

@AGAPI Studios

For sure the world will never end because God himself said so! :)



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