sâmbătă, 29 mai 2010

Say anything else.....


I had the ” chance” to find this picture into an article etitled ”This is England” on dazeddigital.... Oki, I said..Long live the King and let’s have a look !

I found  the work of about seven artists like: Nicky Carvell, Richard Galloway, The Girls, David Hancock, Alana Lake, Sarah Maple, Appau Junior Boakye-Yiadom. I don't have any idea about them even I love art some way.  I mean a good one.

So, I looked at this picture  more than 10 min, ( I  swear :P)....and many ideas crossed my mind.    I don't say that it isn't art - because art is crazy like fashion.  I agree, at some point &  craziness are blessed in my life ( till some point, too..), but my question here is: This "semple" girl went to a hairdresser to get some artificial intelligence and don’t get it enough to share with the painter Stuart Semple, too or what? She is blondie  as you see...also me sometimes..:)

But,why am I the only „bitch” here ?  Becouse I am too „stupid” to understand this artist, if  using Malcom McLaren words as a model for creativity: "Be childish. Be irresponsible. Be disrespectful. Be everything this society hates." He?

Well, thank youuu... than,  like this will make a better world and a great future for all of uss – without respect and Laws. Why to need them in society? Can I include the children too? Deal, then.

I'm sorry that I am just a "form"  of life witch can still think, decide, have feelings, but wait..that was created by another species...right?

I don’t know what makes me such a „bad girl” here. MML words , or just bad art?
Once Paul O'Neill said about art : "The purpose of art is to create an emotional response in the person that is exposed to that art. And there are three categories of art; bad art, good art and great art. Bad art will elicit no emotional response in the person that is exposed to it."

Agree with the last part and with that:  too much art will kill our a$$e$ some day...
Have a great, kraitzzz wikendzzz!

PS -
What a------- was all about? Ha ha


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