luni, 24 octombrie 2011


Not only Man is formed of Vibrations, but he lives and moves in them, they surround him as the fish is surrounded by water, and he contains them within him as the tank contains the water. His different moods, inclinations, affairs, successes and failures, and all conditions of life depend upon the activity of certain vibration, be tissue whether thoughts, emotions, or feelings.
Everything in the universe vibrates with a certain specific frequency and therefore all interact in a lesser or greater as the frequency difference is smaller or larger. The Secret Key as some called it -can explain how two things or phenomena apparently totally independent of the universe can be found related or interact selectively, thus contained or incorporated in the "GREAT ALL".

Esoteric "Table of Emerald" says: "Everything is down is as everything up, and everything up is as everything down, for complete the miracle of everything. "In other words, Hermes Trismegistus reveals the fundamental mystery of the universe that makes possible to reflect whole and whole in part.
So, the connection which brings together, centralize all things, phenomena, human beings, physical and mental processes  (in other words everything whitch exists in manifestation) -  is based on the RESONANCE.

Man felt himself within the cosmos. When the child learned to speak it was felt how what was experienced in the divine spiritual world before birth, or before conception, gradually evolved out of the being of the child. It may be said that if Man could look through himself inwardly he would have to admit: I am an etheric body, in other words, I am the echo of cosmic vowels; I am a physical body, in other words, the echo of cosmic consonants, and because I stand here on earth, there sounds through my being an echo of all that is said  and the life of this echo is my physical body. An echo is formed of all that is said by the planetary spheres and this echo is my etheric body.

  Enjoy the movie below - in fact very interesting, at least for me..... ;) 

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