luni, 7 iunie 2010

Catch a beauty

One more time back into the beauty, this time offered by Jacek Yerka an Polish artist (55 yo), an admirer of surrealism that we hereby notified the unlimited light images created by him. A fantastic vision of things, with physical or symbolic aspects,  unique imagination with huge impressive view. (for me at least..) He is a dreamer of a promising  wonderland.

Surrealist painting is a beautiful dream or a nightmare. In this case find out and choose after you focus your atention and fall into this pictures  and try to understand and feel his joy and happyness, reflected in them. It seems technical marked by some remarkable new visions of the same old ideas, but a dream that would be a better world and may we be satisfied one day. I don’t want to stay with my arms crossed and do not open doors for dreaming  to turn our home into a real wonderland

I hope I get to see you in person one day just like this my dear Earth!
 You can find more lovely pictures of Jacek Yerka here: yerkaland Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


Anonim spunea...

oh this is certainly incredible, what a beauty

angelshair on 8 iunie 2010, 17:23 spunea...

Wow, This painting are incredible! I love them all!!!
I agree with you when you say that surrealistic painting can be either a dream or a nightmare :)

Dyeve on 9 iunie 2010, 04:59 spunea...

Looks like a holiday, right? :)


Dyeve on 9 iunie 2010, 16:24 spunea...


Thxs a lot, What a nice surprise I am glad to find you here ♥ ♥ ♥

I was excited also when I looked to them. Seem full of joyful.


Will on 10 iunie 2010, 11:16 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
Beautiful he reminds me a bit of the style of Paul Delvaux.
Another good painter : Jef Vantuerenhout.For a while i had one of his artworks.
Thank you for sharing!
Have a great day!

Selbon on 12 iunie 2010, 16:21 spunea...

Amazing paintings!

I have to thank you for sharing to us.

Keep on blogging...

Dyeve on 12 iunie 2010, 18:41 spunea...


Hi, there!
Thx for the painter name. It's cool indeed you've read my taste.

Have a nice week-end!


Dyeve on 12 iunie 2010, 18:43 spunea...



Nice to meet you in "virtuality" world. :)
Thxs. I will.Hope you come back..

All the best!


Andrian on 12 iunie 2010, 21:26 spunea...

In prima poza de sus as vrea sa imi petrec weekend-ul. Toate cele bune!

Nádia Dantas on 12 iunie 2010, 22:55 spunea...

I loved the pictures. Really fantastic.
Have a nice week-end!

Sci-Fi Gene on 13 iunie 2010, 16:14 spunea...

These are fantastic in every sense!

Dyeve on 14 iunie 2010, 00:42 spunea...


hi hi Cool. Si eu as vrea sa plec (ca tot se apropie concediul curand) cu trenuletul din penultima poza; fara masina, fara avion...O calatorie in jurul lumii si daca se poate - a la Jules Verne, cu atat mai bine. :P

Take care!


Dyeve on 14 iunie 2010, 01:00 spunea...

@Sci-Fi Gene

More appealing like heartbreaking of best landscapes. Gimme five!


victorysilcana on 14 iunie 2010, 03:01 spunea...

Îmi place aceste picturi ... Puteţi găsi detalii atât de multe neobişnuite, vă servească în fiecare lucru fără să o ştie.
Multumesc pentru partajarea, pentru că astăzi aţi făcut-mi descoperi un artist care a trecut, şi îmi place asta.
Pupici si saptamana buna.

Dyeve on 14 iunie 2010, 05:50 spunea...

@Victory Silcana

Ola! ♥

Estoy muy contento de que te gusto.Sólo me preguntaba lo que le sucede a usted, espero que estés bien y feliz en su vida.
He hecho una buena sorpresa hoy.

Besosss.♥ ♥ ♥

Dyeve on 14 iunie 2010, 07:01 spunea...

@Nadia Dantas

Thx babe. I really dont know how many times I watched this pictures.

Happy Monday, to you!


♥The Sweet Life♥ on 15 iunie 2010, 21:43 spunea...

Thanks for your comment on my "Breakfast At Tiffany's Review" Your post is very interesting! The artwork of the artist is absolutely amazing.

Selbon on 16 iunie 2010, 09:01 spunea...

Truly a brings out a happy child within. A very nice feeling that makes me come back.......

Have a beautiful week.

Dyeve on 16 iunie 2010, 11:25 spunea...

@The Sweet Life

Thank you. Indeed it is. Also (our) Audrey Hepburn :) was an amazing woman whith a soul of size like this paintings.


Dyeve on 16 iunie 2010, 11:28 spunea...


Hi, there!

I'm glad you like them bcz one of my favorite things I like to do on this blog is share the work of amazing artists. Thx.


Ladygoodwood on 17 iunie 2010, 19:32 spunea...


This is the fist time I have seen work by ths artist - they are great, so much to see in them. My only real experience of surrealism is the Salvador dali stuff and I always found that a bot sinister.
These ones you show here are really cheerful and fun.

Dyeve on 18 iunie 2010, 03:36 spunea...

@Ladygoodwood <3

Too bad that people aren't like paintings. I wonder if WE can tend to make much stronger by paintings than emotional attachments from people around us who sometimes feel emotionally isolated from this kind of paintings. Just who is hanging strong in the colours of their understand the beauty of them.And I'm glad that you do.

Thanks a lot.



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