joi, 8 iulie 2010

Color tones..

I liked it so much the quality of this pictures all due to rising levels of their color and  the result was an immediate -  Publish, Dy what you like!
What we see here has nothing to do with portraits on conveyor bands, the passport picture or I.D., in wich  the result is a piece of paper with an  impersonal face, multiplied by four times, and that’s it really modern photography,  that being the immediate consequence.

Look at the amazing pictures of the photographer  Rafael Stahelin where colour means LIFE entitled „Redefine Folkloric Textiles” and extracted from the Dazed Digital website of 2009, Styling by Justine Josephs.........

No, don’t think it’s the rainbow that you see on the sky after the rain, the optical meteorological  phenomenon that produces the apparition of an arc of colourfull light in the sky, that happens when the sun’s beams go through small particles of water from the Earth’s atmosphere, it’s basically expresing joy using rainbow colours in the art of photography becouse the diagram chosen in these photos  with great attention to detail is simple and consists colors that are opposite one  to another in the color palette, and is well formed, but yes, they are well mixed producing  the color accented , for using this combination enhances each color, and creates a strong visual effect of visual moments when  colors are one besides other, and two of  the complementary colors  located to the opposite pole, which offers a vibrant look and it’s the trend that will characterize this summer, too.

This colors are meant to attract attention, and are exactly what you are looking for if you want to attract that look of that charming guy, after your eyes” blinking”, right? But, wait.. I'm not referring here somehow you trying to paint your face, too. - smiles -

However the photographer himself is mysterious, becouse it’s in the center of a world created by himself one in the middle where he like to live,  carefully constructed onto his wonderful future. A future whose only obsession seems to be The Beauty.


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