luni, 19 septembrie 2011


Every morning, your face is the first thing your lover or BF -- sees when he wakes up. If your face is terrible, he will have bad day-dreams all day in his office; coming home in the evening, the last face he sees is also yours. If you again give him a long face, he will have even more nightmares all night, but with the guidance, our life will improve and become more noble.

We cannot just be born into this world, live a few decades of hectic schooling, working, sweating, earning money, struggling with children or family problems, and then "kaput," finished,  and nothing more to that....

I (we)  must  have to have time for myself, to think, to be myself again, to be within myself, to develop my inner quality, to remember my inner quality - to be like an artist, like a very leisurely person, very loving, stress free, then I can give, then I can enjoy anything...

What does freedom mean to me? Does it mean the right to do anything I want, or does it go deeper than that? True freedom is that which takes me beyond boundaries I am normally accustomed to. It is to be able to do what I want, and to believe in whatever I want to believe.
Whatever comes,  I must enjoy. If, the good things come, better - then I take it as a gift and I enjoy whole-heartedly without any guilt, without any reservation, without any obstacles whatsoever in my heart or in my thinking. My nature is very free, very carefree, very easy, just like a child; if you give me something good, I accept it. I will not think that you want to trick me, or whether I deserve it or not. I just accept. And when the circumstance does not allow that I have comfort or richness in life then I am  also happy carry on that way.

Look at the butterfly... Its lifespan is so short, yet it enjoys itself thoroughly. It goes from flower to flower, the most beautiful creation of nature. It sucks nectar the sweetest thing in nature. Give it anything else to eat or drink, but it chooses only the best, honey.

Similarly, we should speak only sweetly, think and live beautifully and enjoy life. Sweetness is the secret of a beautiful life. Once we speak sweetly the whole world will speak sweetly to us. This should become our nature.

Play the game of life,  have that attitude. It's better than knowing what will happen in the future. Let's have the attitude of: "whatever will happen in the future, I'll face it". That is braver, more courageous  than just to want to know things about the future and feel fearful or resentful, or anticipate some kind of boredom, or disappointment, relief, and things like that. It's no good, it affects our natural growth, and affects our surprise.


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