vineri, 9 aprilie 2010

More Moore..

"Demi Moore at the 47-year-old looked stunning in a pink embroidered dress and silver heels as she attended the opening night of her new movie The Joneses in Los Angeles with Ashton Hutcher - the 32 year- old- teamed  in his grey suit with a pair of  bright yellow socks, which he "excited" all the fans and photographers on the red carpet.

They look good all 3 together! Ashton, Demi and her daughter Rumer Willis ( 21 yo)
The Joneses, the movie in which she stars as the lead alongside former X-Files star David Duchovny - it's a story of perfect cuple Steve (Duchovny) and Kate (Moore) Jones, and their teenaged children Jenn (Amber Heard) and Mick (Ben Hollingsworth) as they move into their monster home in an affluent suburb of a city somewhere in America. Friendly, confident and very good-looking, they are also loaded with the  coolest, newest stuff.

First-time writer/director Derrick Borte imbues a serious core theme-- the wobbly undercurrents of a frenetic consumer culture-with humor, warmth and shots of clever, zesty fun show us that the Joneses are much more than just the new neighbors. Within days, all four family members have insinuated their way into the community. Their most dedicated fans are their next-door neighbors Larry (Gary Cole) and Summer (Glenne Headly), a couple devoted to each other yet prone to keeping secrets as well. Despite the Joneses’ success integrating into the community, it’s not long before the fissures in their family begin to spew. But it’s not until an outright catastrophe occurs next door that they are forced to make choices about their must go to the movie to find what is all about. Anyway is about  emotions and what we need to figure out sometimes: who we want to be, not what we want to buy..?! :D

Here is the trailer of The Joneses!

Also, I want to mention about Demi that besides this movie, she will appear in the May issue of Elle magazine whitch is out now. Below are some extracts from the interview but, most of all,  look to the pictures and don't tell me that she is not a gorgeus woman. She has 47 years people.. OMG!
( from Red carpet )


Cristi on 9 aprilie 2010, 15:14 spunea...

Salut, te-ar interesa un schimb de linck ?

dacă vrei trimite-mi mesaj cu numele şi adresa care vrei să le adaug la blogrollu meu :)

O zi cât mai reuşită :)

Cristi on 9 aprilie 2010, 15:15 spunea...

ce am uitat, dacă mă treci la tine la blogroll :
Nume: Informaţii

dyeve on 9 aprilie 2010, 17:07 spunea...


:) Am notat, sa traiti! Check it and tell me if you like..:D

Cristi on 9 aprilie 2010, 17:17 spunea...

gata şi la mine eşti :)

Ms de com

Să ne mai auzim, iar până atunci spor la scris :)

Anonim spunea...

how i wish she put on a little bit more weight, her previous bubbly image was much more preferred to my eyes

"BUTTERY"fly on 10 aprilie 2010, 13:22 spunea...

I love Demi Moore more because of Ashton. LOL! Demi is really gorgeous for her age!

Have a happy weekend Dyeve!


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