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My wild side

♥ I know, I know,I have been quite absent these days; blame the summer, the sun, the pool, the BC – smiles - and work as well! Anyway, I am here again to talk to you again about fashion and this time about the animal print trend.

I sow few days before some gorgeus pictures from a cute pictorial, a nice cover of Jennifer Lopez who releases from her „the tiger” for us into Glamour magazine for September edition. As I sow her dressed in animal print I thought what a heck, who else don’t loves matching their dress or shoes with nail polish also a favorite accessory to this trend ? It makes a bold and beautiful statement, and an otherwise simple outfit incredibly fabulous. But take a walk on the wild side with me for a moment... This is a look that is certainly wild!

Now,whatever they are this nails ~ I think are darling, and love the placement of them, too.
But tell me, what do you think they are?

One of the biggest trends seen down the runways and on the streets is the animal prints on shoes, sandals, and now - nails. It used to be that in order to wear animal prints you would have to spend a lot of money especially when it came to exotic animal prints. While there is still the use of real animal skins for some shoes, many are synthetic prints which allow the prices to be lower as well as the fact that these shoes are more humane. The fact that some of these shoes, sandals are made not for the real skins allows more creative freedom on terms of changing up colors and scaling up or down the size of the print. 

These boots I think are Christian Louboutin if I am remembering correctly but anyway I remember the exact price  $269.00 becouse I want to have them in my autumn wardrobe ..now that my nails were already painted with the animal print.
So, I am going to be doing a bit of traveling for the next few days, and if the beautiful thing about this look is that respond well to travel, meaning  very low maintenance for a fabulous look.

Here’s to matching on the wild side .. rawrrrrr ...!


Will on 21 august 2010, 21:42 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
Yes you're right it fits Jennifer Lopez .But not every woman will look good in tiger print ,just you need not only the looks but also the temperament to dress in such a style .For all the money in the world i couldn't imagine Hillary Clinton or her daughter in tiger print.Now i'll have this awfull tought in my head for the rest of the day!hahahaha
have a great week end!

♥The Sweet Life♥ on 22 august 2010, 04:20 spunea...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my self-tanner post, very sweet of you. I love the animal print very pretty. Cool post! Have a great rest of the week!

Barry on 22 august 2010, 07:00 spunea...

Nice stuff - I bet ir really brings out the animal in you

IVANNA on 23 august 2010, 22:25 spunea...

hi!!! thanks x your visit! I love this post with theses wired nails!!! and the boots of course! have a nice week dear! thanks x your friendship!!

Sci-Fi Gene on 24 august 2010, 19:08 spunea...

So when will your trademark green fur range hit the Milan and Paris catwalks?
♥ sfg

Teresa on 25 august 2010, 04:15 spunea...

I love the cool animal print and think you will look great in it.

ibucketbot on 25 august 2010, 09:19 spunea...

nice post!!

animals print does look gorgeous!!

Anonim spunea...

Jennifer Lopez and her curves would look good in anything! I have a great book called The Vogue twentieth century history of fashion. Animal prints seem to be popular for a short period about once every decade.
At least today it is nice to know they aren't wearing real leopard skin and ocelot! Some of the earliest Chanel designs supported long fringes of real monkey fur - Ugh!!

Smiles and hugs.

timethief on 26 august 2010, 01:12 spunea...

I have been on the planet long enough to see animal prints come and go and come again. Like Juliana has said there was a horrible time when we witnessed runway models and celebs wearing gur from rare and exotic animals. In fact I can recall ocelots walking on leads like dogs down the runways - UGH! I hope that doesn't become a repeater too.

Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:24 spunea...

're Nasty. you made me laugh. now I have your tought in my head, too. lol

You have right ..not every woman ..but JLo is great I think and also Rihanna ia a big fan of animal print, but unlike Paris Hilton knows how to wear it.

Thanks, Will! Wishing you blessed days!



Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:26 spunea...

@♥The Sweet Life♥

always with pleasure. smiles

animal print clothing items worth and put a record out very well on the Jlo's body, I think.

have a cool week!


Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:29 spunea...


Thanks for visiting my blog, you are sweet!

You can bet..smiles .. but besides animal print conspicuous you need to know how to wear it.

Wishing the best to you!


Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:30 spunea...


You're sweet as a pie. Of course are weird but bold. :P I like the boots more. smiles

have a great week ahead! See ya'a!


Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:40 spunea...

@Sci-Fi Gene

smiles - now it is warm and I left my fur only for a while ..I don't know when .. but I never lose hope ..all I have to do is to insist and I should be read by emergency the book "The Catwalk Cats" by Grace Coddington, Didier Malige. :-)

Tkanks for encouragement! :))


Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:42 spunea...


Thank you, darling! You're too kind ..smiles.

I'm glad we share the same tastes.
All the Best to you! See ya'a !


Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:44 spunea...


Was only natural for a man to recognize this fact and were not and it was not difficult, right? smiles.

Thanks you for stopping by! See ya'a!



Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 02:57 spunea...

@Juliana Matthews

Ha! Ha! You are such sympathetic always joking at the ends of comments ..here, on BC on to you sites..everywere.♥

I don't know if is "The Vogue twentieth century history of fashion" ..but I have one like this by Linda Watson - 100 years of style by decade and design .. cuz do exist another one by Jan Mulvsgh which I don't have ..yet. smiles

Yes, also I do not agree with sacrificing the poor animals for pleasures of fashion, never!

Thanks a lot! Wishing you beautiful things in your life, always!



Dyeve on 26 august 2010, 03:09 spunea...

@ timethief

First, thank you for this pleasant surprise to find your comment in my page. ♥

Yes, very true what you and Lady Juliana said, and also "animal print" can give an outfit, a cool chic air, only if that person observe his basic rule: simply wear without another printed.

To dress from head to toe in animal print could looks like a cheap one outfit and even ridiculous.

At least must be avoided
accessories, handbags or something with the same printed, right? smiles

Wishing only the best in your life!


Rico Swaff on 26 august 2010, 07:16 spunea...

As I was reading this, I decided my comment was going to be, "rawwwwrrr." Then I noticed that you concluded your blog with it. You beat me to the punch!!

Cee on 26 august 2010, 07:21 spunea...

Hello Dyeve!

Leopard print is classic. It never goes out of style.

Though stylists say, wearing animal print from head to toe is a fashion faux pas.
Even me, I can't go head to toe animal print.
But I would definitely sport that leopard nails matching a black outfit.

Very nice post dear! Miss you ♥

Dyeve on 27 august 2010, 02:13 spunea...

@Rico Swaff

*My viejita slapped me and I said JUAREZ your damn problem!* - of course I'm joking and you have right..besides, never ever playing with wild animals! - smiles

Thanks a lot for your nice visit and take care!


Dyeve on 27 august 2010, 02:18 spunea...

@ Cee

How are you my dear? I'm so happy to see you again here. I even wondering how a cool lioness like you can resist to not throw an eye when it comes to fashion. So, Gotch'a!♥



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