sâmbătă, 10 aprilie 2010

Be closer and guess again..

So, it's week-end and I must give  you something..:P.. a short series of a comedy ..?! Good or bads...you let me know it, oki?:D .
GUESS AGAIN is a comedy like I said - ( whose director is M.Keegan) - that follows 3 mates: Rex, Jeremy and Dan. In their mid-20s, the friends ar stuck idiling in the driveway of life. What is all about..you find right here, right now! :P

Happy Week-End, people!


verde amar on 11 aprilie 2010, 15:25 spunea...

thanx duude !
numa' bune pentru ultima zi de vacanta :-<

"BUTTERY"fly on 14 aprilie 2010, 11:51 spunea...

Probably you're still watching these vids that's why no recent post as of this time. LOL!

Ah I've also been in a short blogging hiatus. Whew! I've had a real tough week.

It's nice to be on your page.
Sending love and kisses


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