sâmbătă, 11 august 2012

Dear "porcu" ..

Dear Porcu,
I'm so sorry and so saddened that you encountered this type of behavior from me and you had to deal with my „dirty language”....mmmmmm......(sorry – finger stuck on the keyboard).

I'll trie dealing with the problem right now. And, thank you for bringing this to my attention. Life is too short, and chaos far too amusing for me to be angry with crazy pigs chauvinist and their ilk, especially when they provide me endless entertainment...That’s happened only because since “our” beginning, you’d lied me continuously. What should I do if I feel gorgeous, and that is because, quite frankly I am.
I know my spirit will go on.  I'll just seek out those who are lonely in spirit and do what I can to inspire,  encourage „one” with a closed mind to reconsider and gives a second chance facing their own mortality..... I, I am Alive! I Know that I’ll get through this with flying colors and in this instance, it is best to forget about what others think as it only matters what I Think. 
You have been taking it too far and feelings only needed expression whether where  good or bad. Thus only hurts even  YOU and other people - Mr.Sneaky being two facied & Thief around me.....So, basically, you no longer work for anything from now one but the sensation you had while working...mmmm......turned YOU  into a dirty bug – just becouse you were too busy thinking about what was going wrong all the time instead of take note of all that was going with me, good, real, true and right. Trie in the „future” to respect ME - you and your „stuff”!!!
Sincerely,Misterious Earth, Wind & Fire, Foxy Cleopatra, Eve..etc..Social Media Manager


Malu on 13 august 2012, 17:23 spunea...

Hmmmn, fear breeds negative thoughts, so even when you have all the good intentions, the other party might misinterpret because she is scared ....

Mr Lonely on 10 decembrie 2012, 09:58 spunea...

visiting here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =)

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