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ARIES Aug 26, 2011
“No More Drama!” is your theme song for the weekend as Mercury wraps up a grueling retrograde through your passionate fifth house this Friday. For the past few weeks, you’ve felt every emotion cranked up to an exacerbating high. You haven’t exactly been the best at communicating those feelings in a proactive way either. The planets bring you a much-needed dose of perspective now. Hallelujah, Aries! As the workweek wraps, you can finally see the humor in a situation that was stressing you all August long. Your love life may benefit from Mercury’s direct turn most of all, so don’t pen any “Dear John” letters just yet. Saturday may be spent hashing it out and hugging it out with a beloved soul in your inner circle who you’ve been squabbling with this summer. If you’ve been working hard but feeling little reward, the tide turns with Sunday’s new moon in Virgo. Spend that day reorganizing your base camp. Declutter your desktop, delete junk mail, make a ginormous To Do List of all those post-Labor Day tasks that you don’t want to forget to tick off. Then, head out for a bike ride or an hour of lap swimming: this new moon kicks off a six-month well being tour which involves getting in motion and improving the quality of food that you put in your mouth. 

TAURUS Aug 26, 2011 
Family feuds begone! Mercury, the communication planet, has been moving backwards (retrograde) through your domestic zone since August 9 creating ripples of tension between you and a relative. If you’ve been in the process of closing a home sale or leasing an apartment, you’ve no doubt had aggravations up the wazoo. Well, Taurus, you’ll be happy to hear that this Friday, Mercury resumes direct motion, putting an end to these annoying snafus. You have the cosmic green light to put a bid on your future nest or co-sign a lease with a roomie. Also, tension begins to clear with a female friend or family member who has been giving you the proverbial stinkeye this August. You’ve gone out of your way to accommodate her, but it seems the more you gave, the less she appreciated you. Healthy boundaries become the obvious answer now, and you’ll be able to erect them on Saturday without burning this important bridge. On Sunday, a new moon in Virgo lights up your romance house, bringing a fresh wave of loving feelings. Dating is an art form, and you’re ready to get creative again. Take the initiative, as you could ignite a delicious six-month chapter in your romantic life simply by being proactive now. 

GEMINI Aug 26, 2011 
Your ruling planet Mercury powers forward on Friday, helping to clear up all the crossed signals that have pervaded your universe. For the past three weeks, Mercury has been retrograde (backwards) in your communication house, hitting you with a double whammy of drama. Exes have pinged you out of the woodwork, old frenemies bumped into you on the street (or tried Facebooking you as a form of reconciliation), and you STILL can’t get your wireless router to work! Trying to get your point across has been impossible and you’re inches away from changing your name to Miss Understood. On Friday, relief arrives as Mercury gets back on track.You’ll begin to see it all as a comedy of errors. Have a good laugh, why don’t you, because trying to control all these details is just not worth the stress. Solving those vexing problems is simpler than you think. Check the local scene for resources instead of scouring the other side of the Earth. Turns out what you’ve been looking for may be within walking distance of your house. Tension with a sibling or platonic partner also clears up as the weekend bodes on. Yes, you can readdress that tough topic and have a civil (if not downright loving) conversation about it. Sunday’s new moon shines its beams on your domestic quarters. How happy are you with your home life? It might be time to zhush your space or start flipping through the real estate listings. You have six months to implement these changes, so be proactive but don’t just leap on the first thing you see. 

CANCER Aug 26, 2011 
For the past few weeks, you’ve been stuck in a stubborn, emotional gridlock with someone in your life. Blame it on communication planet Mercury, which has been retrograde (backwards) in your headstrong second house since August 9. You’re convinced that you’re in the right here, but where is that getting you? It’s time to start taking proactive measures to mend the broken fences. Fortunately, this Friday, Mercury turns direct again, making it easier to hash out win-win solutions. In some cases, that might not be possible, so you may have to call on your friends in high places or follow protocol in order to get an order mandated in your favor. Don’t shy away from the paperwork aspect of the process if it means getting matters cleared up for once and for all. If you let a healthy routine lapse these past few weeks, remember the old “today is the first day of the rest of my life” mantra. The past is in the past, and there’s no reason you can’t pick up where you left off. This is the perfect weekend for a salad and raw juice infusion. Instead of depriving yourself, think of nourishing your body with vitamin-rich whole foods. On Sunday, a new moon in Virgo awakens the social butterfly in you. It’s time to party with a purpose. Get involved in a local charity or community service group; or start your own. You’ll meet people who share your benevolent spirit—a great foundation for a few close friendships, which could emerge over the coming months. 

LEO Aug 26, 2011 
To adapt an expression, woman plans, the universe laughs. It’s sure felt that way on Planet Leo for the past few weeks, as mental Mercury has been retrograde (backwards) in your sign. Trying to get other people on board with your vision—much less getting your point across in basic conversations—has been an exercise in frustration. Before you don your “Mean People Suck” tee shirt and ship off for a deserted island, take heart. Mercury powers forward this Friday helping you do a total 180 in your interactions. Between now and September 10, Mercury will be direct in Leo making you a brilliant orator and stellar communicator. Get to work on that press release, as the planets want you to start a buzz about one of your grand ideas. The moon is also in Leo on Saturday putting you in your emotional element. Express your feelings without reservation. Your passionate, bubbly nature is just what the cosmic doctor ordered and you could get a grumbly loved one to light up at long last. On Sunday, a new moon in your income zone gets you fired up about improving your work situation. Whether you’re hunting for a new job or tweaking an aspect of your current gig, you want to be clear about your desires and expectations. You’re a creative soul, so try making a vision board or doing a mind mapping exercise to help you distill what it truly is that you want to pursue. 

VIRGO Aug 26, 2011 
Forgive and forget? Not exactly your style, Virgo, but what’s the price you’re paying for holding on to that grudge? Since August 2, your ruling planet Mercury has been retrograde (backwards), making it hard for you to let go of pretty much anything. You’ve been stewing in those emotions quite long enough and it’s time to lift yourself out of the cesspool of anger and resentment. Fortunately Mercury resumes forward motion this Friday, helping you untangle those knots in your head and heart. Forgiveness is an act of generosity, so extend it both to the other person and to yourself. This doesn’t mean pretending a problem doesn’t exist, but it requires you to accept that people are doing the best they can with the resources they currently have. That thought alone can bring you peace of mind this weekend. Sunday marks your official astrological New Year, thanks to the arrival of the annual new moon in Virgo. This is the day meant for planting seeds on your own behalf. In which areas of life would you like to grow over the coming six months? Pick an inspiring goal and invest some time and dollars there. Sign up for a workshop, or a few hours of consulting with an expert: this may be the best birthday present you give yourself this year. 

LIBRA Aug 26, 2011 
There’s no denying this, a large part of your world is defined by the company you keep. With communicator Mercury moving backward through your social networking zone for the past few weeks, you may have hit a wall with a certain crowd. On Friday, Mercury resumes forward motion, pushing you to redefine the parameters of your inner circle. It’s not that you have to ditch your old entourage, but if they’re not moving along the same trajectory as you are, you definitely need to draw back. Where do you want to grow: your earning power, your creativity, your charity work, your love life? Start hanging out with people who are “winning” in these arenas. They may be a few miles ahead of you in their journeys, but embrace your learning curve and let them teach you. Sunday’s new moon in your house of mentors and guides furthers the push to find these human beacons. Ove the next six months you would benefit from doing sessions with a life coach, energy healer, acupuncturist or EMDR therapist to help you remove subconscious blocks that are standing between you and your dreams. 

SCORPIO Aug 26, 2011 
Career slowdowns and frustrations come to an end this Friday as Mercury resumes forward motion. The speedy planet, which rules communication and the travel of information, has been retrograde since August 2. For much of the month it has been hitting your professional sector in a none-too-pleasant way. Trying to close deals and schedule client meetings has been an exercise in frustration, and you’d sure love to get colleagues to stop breathing down your neck. In spite of these setbacks, there’s no need to step down from any positions or type the “take this job and shove it” email. Your work was not in vain, Scorpio; in fact, you may even get a call over the weekend from someone you work with who is FINALLY ready to get the show on the road. If you’ve been developing an idea behind the scenes you will soon be ready to present it to the movers and shakers. This retrograde phase may have created some meltdowns with a male relative or other important man in your life. With Mercury’s direct turn this Friday, peaceful resolutions emerge. Try to focus on the larger common goal you share. You may never get the apology you feel you deserve, or issue the one HE thinks you owe him, but you’re bound together by so much more than the drama of the past few weeks. On Sunday, a new moon in your social networking zone helps you make a stellar connection to a new crowd of people. Avoid getting businesslike with them. This group is better for extracurricular purposes, so let them remind you of the power of having fun for fun’s sake. 

SAGITTARIUS Aug 26, 2011 
Open mouth. Insert Foot. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. For the last few weeks, communication planet Mercury has been retrograde in your honest-to-a-fault ninth house. You already struggle with tact as is, Sagittarius, but you’ve made so many faux pas this August, you’re seriously considering a thirty-day silent meditation. Before you issue any such gag orders upon yourself, take heart. This Friday, Mercury turns direct, restoring your ability to speak your truth without hitting below the belt. Let the smoke clear for a few more days before you address any hot-button topics. You’ll be able to have The Talk next week. In the meanwhile, you have a travel plan to distract yourself with. Mercury retrograde has, unfortunately, also caused some mixups in this arena too, but you don’t have to cancel your Labor Day vacay. Reconfirm all plans this weekend, make sure the pet sitter has the right keys and dates, and upgrade any reservations that might fall into the “sketchy” category. Saving a few bucks here and there is not worth a spoiled journey. On Sunday, the new moon in Virgo opens up a powerful six-month upswing for your career. Step over the middlemen, Sagittarius, and train your sights on the people in power. You need to forge your own connections with them, which may involve attending or joining a VIP networking group. This new moon also highlights male relatives and other important men in your life: which of these fellas do you need to start fresh with? Sunday is the day to clear the air and begin a new chapter in your relationships. 

CAPRICORN Aug 26, 2011 
Meow! With Mercury retrograde in your intensely sensitive eighth house for most of August, there’s been some catty competition pervading your universe. You’ve had little patience for people’s B.S. and might have partied with the green-eyed monster more than you care to admit. As Mercury resumes forward motion this Friday, you can retract those claws and start playing nice again. It’s one thing to be strategic about your interactions with other people; it’s quite another to let them devolve into spy games. Don’t waste another minute of your life Googlestalking or getting heated about thirdhand information. Instead, ask people to tell you what’s going on and be forthcoming about your own intentions, plans, and curiosities. Your sex life may have been complicated by this Mercury retrograde as well, and some Capricorns even had a confusing interaction with an ex in August. As the weekend bodes on, clarity begins to seep in. There’s no more time for obsessing. If the one you’re lusting for is not able to give you what you need at this point in time, extinguish the torch and find other ways to get your desires fulfilled. Sunday’s new moon in your house of higher truths reminds you that honesty truly is the best policy. It’s also an auspicious day to enroll in schooling or training, begin planning a long-distance journey that you’ll take in the next six months, publish written work, or kick off an entrepreneurial venture. 

AQUARIUS Aug 26, 2011
Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match? Er, not quite. With communication planet Mercury retrograde in your partnership house since August 9, your attempts to connect people have merely added stress to your life. Although Mercury resumes direct motion this Friday, retire from being the middleman for a while. There’s a more important person who is in need of connections: YOU. One of your own close relationships may have hit some bumpy patches during this Mercury retrograde, and you’re not quite sure how to deal. Fortunately, the rift becomes easier to close as the weekend bodes on. If an ex returned to your life this August (Mercury retrograde can serve up the blasts from the past), you’ll soon have a clear head about whether or not to try Version 2.0 of your affair. Some information has been concealed, but by next week, it should be revealed. If you see those red flags a-waving again, run in the opposite direction. If not, well, what have you got to lose by trying? Sunday’s new moon in your seductive eighth house has you longing for a deep and intimate connection. Whether it’s the first date or the five thousandth, you can’t expect people to serve up what you’re not willing to return. Take a daring leap of faith and reveal something private about yourself. 

PISCES Aug 26, 2011 
With Mercury retrograde in your house of routines for the last few weeks, trying to get on track with a schedule or healthy living commitment may have been an exercise in frustration. This Friday, Mercury resumes forward motion, paving the way for a saner, simpler plan. As you’ve learned time and again, fad diets or boot camp exercise plans can only be sustained for so long. You’re now ready to develop a manageable routine that’s more of a lifestyle change than a radical departure for your true nature. Download an app that allows you to track your daily food intake, or memorize a couple simple rules of thumb that are sensible rather than limiting. You might enjoy flipping through author Michael Pollan’s “Food Rules,” which makes a case for ideas like shopping on the perimeter of the supermarket, avoiding foods that have more than five ingredients, and enjoying meals with the people you love. If you have regular weekly activities, pick slots in your calendar for them. For example, you hit the yoga studio on Mondays at lunch time, have a date night on Thursdays, and meet the girls on Tuesdays after work. Sunday arrives with a new moon in Virgo, the ruler of your seventh house of committed relationships. A fresh six-month window is opening up that’s all about forming dynamic duos. Follow the rule of opposites attract and begin seeking out people who know where to pick up where you leave off. 

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