marți, 23 august 2011

Gotta give her what she wants,man!

Lingerie is a very intimate item, it is worn closest to her skin, and should reflect her personality, and her character. Some ribbon and lace on lingerie can be very tasteful, so, go classy, not trashy. A lady like dressing with printed skills, frayed edging and intricate embroidery.

This collection 2011 lingerie is sexy sophisticated, and absolutely innovative with sexy sensation that gives you a beautifully refined shape and an ultra elegant appearance. If you are close enogh to a woman to buy her something as intimate as lingerie, then show her that you can handle this honor with ease and succes.. Enchant your lady and show her how thoughtful, clever, and romantic you really are. 

So, ladys you deserve to look and feel incredible in every outfit! 
Enjoy :)


Teresa on 27 august 2011, 18:01 spunea...

oooh Sexy... Love it!

Dyeve on 27 august 2011, 22:57 spunea...

@ Teresa - Hi, sweeti and thank you my dear...Since we have not heard..almost 1 year..:))
Kisses and have a blessed weekend! *_*

Laszlo on 30 august 2011, 21:04 spunea...

Dyeve,ce mai faci...faina postare...huhu!!!

Dyeve on 31 august 2011, 06:44 spunea...

@Laszlo - Hi, there! Multumesc,acum foarte bine..


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