miercuri, 16 iunie 2010


My Today Motto: "I wanted to cry,but I can’t stop giggling.”

I had some time to relax this week, (another reason just BE alive or be just verry well) -  and I recive few event invitations, to. I chouse to enjoy them - so, GO Dy, GO!!! :)
Event: Imago Mundi - Isvor
Start:: 20 june la 18:00
End Time:20 june at 19:00
Where: Muzeul George Enescu
Event:  Chestiunea de La Bloc ”
Start Time: 18 June at 22:00
End Time: 19 June at 02:00
Where: Berestroika, București
Event: Wedding in Las Vegas…
Start Time: 18 june at 19:00
End Time: 18 june at 22:00
Where: Restaurant Zexe

Event: Fabrica
Start Time: 18 june at 20:00
End Time: 18 June at 21:30
Where: Str.11 Iunie nr.5
Bucharest, Romania

Now, If somehow you had this questions, like:
Photobucket„What are we living for? What is the sense of life? Who am I really? Why are most of people on earth - believers? For if they believe, they must be hoping for something. What is the path by which the great achieve their inner immortality? What is hidden beyond cognition of the Human nature?" ..and has become in your own head, ever ...and if you like to find few answers or some solution to them, I’m sure that Anastasia Novykh’s book „Sensei of Sambala” will gave you enough information about her own life and answers. This book discloses the inner world of a sixteen-year-old girl, who suddenly encounters death face to face and...I didn’t finish the book, yet. Remember?  =====D Event Cafe, Fabrica or TA3CT!

....And becouse this life is about same thing -  Never Ending Whiner's Society.....now, on the other "black and dirty" side of mine (we all have some..) - I just heard that a hunter was hospitalized today at around 4:00 p.m. with serious injuries.
  Doctors have removed about no less than 47 pieces from his .p**** (I don’t know...)But, nobody knows how it came to this situation, all they  know is that he was found under this tree.
Damn, Momma Nature.....!!!! - says the guys from bancurihaios. :P

Oh lucky, lucky, lucky me  I dont need to bribe some of  the guys from the events-up! - 
becouse The Romanian National Bank just lounched this "bill"  of -  0 RON - for  briebes..someone :P
So, I will go! Yupppiiii...!

You cannot start to reply to this post;You cannot send presents, You only can take souvenirs;
I only choose this flowers... Because I say so, and I'm in a bad giggling mode today ...


Anderson Wasser on 17 iunie 2010, 03:44 spunea...

I imagine that this forest should contain more surprises among the other trees;)

shyam on 17 iunie 2010, 09:15 spunea...

haha nice post...life is a riddle...a person spends his whole life to solve the riddle called "Life" finally finishing without a solution....but remeber life is the most wonderful gift...so enjoy every moment...


Dyeve on 18 iunie 2010, 03:14 spunea...

@Shyam vs. Dekash? ;))

After reading this post I started thinking we may need happynes insurance for our life. :)
Can anyone recommend a good happynes insurance company? (Or comment on bad experiences?).

I'm glad and Thanks in advance for your next visit.


Dyeve on 18 iunie 2010, 03:38 spunea...

@ Anderson Wasser

Before making the "big step" through the forest, we must open our eyes and observe various aspects of life. For example... A man must have friends and enemys. friends will teaching him what to do, and the enemys will force him to do what must be done.:))

Thx - Hope u r k in all!


Anonim spunea...

I don't know the meaning of life, but what I do know is that splinters are a bitch!

Will on 18 iunie 2010, 09:53 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
Imago Mundi sounds interesting enough.
Well the life and death thing i never stand still on this topic what must happen ,will happen.I just wish that being reborn stuff stops one day.lol
Poor tree you might call the guy a"Nature lover"?
Have a great day.

Claudiu Savu on 19 iunie 2010, 00:52 spunea...

www.totul-scump.info te invita la un link exchange si la o participare intr-o eventuala campanie numita "Gandeste scump". Eu te adaug in blogroll-ul totul-scump (esti deja adaugat pe www.lainceputdedrum.com) si astept un raspuns de la tine. Merci anticipat!

Cee on 24 iunie 2010, 07:15 spunea...

You really are so naughty! You seem to be in a very good mood. I love it!

Life is something that we do every minute :)

Have a nice day!

Anonim spunea...

....and so, GO Dy, GO!!!

Lazy Boy on 4 iulie 2010, 12:14 spunea...

like the way u write. kinda fun readin.
p.s. oh crap i dont know which button to press to post this. dont understand this language!!


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