vineri, 10 septembrie 2010

That's what they always say ..

Since I literally have nothing else to say on this funny Week-End, here’s some funny things about what do men want from us ... So, let's start!

We try one more time to make all of you to understand us once and for all. For so long men have been divided in the name of equality, feminism and many other theories. It's over now, though! Tell your friends and their friends as the man of 90's died ... Long Live the Man of 2010-2012! ( ..sory, we just don't no after ..)

All that we are, are the result of what we have thought. .... Nature gave us one tongue and two ears so we could hear twice as much as we speak. ... Our greatest glory consists not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall. .... Here's how things will go from now on:

1. If you think you're fat, than you really are. Don't ask us anymore! Move your butt and sign up to a gymnastics club. 
2. Learn to use the toilet lid, if's UP, lowered it back, it's not so complicated, and finish once taking, no more wining and complaining! 
3. No more trimming never short. That triggered fights unnecessary if we dare to make comments. 
4. Birthdays, holidays, Valentine days are tests to check whether or not we're able to find the perfect gift ... again. 
5. Sometimes we don't think of you. You need to know and learn to accept it!
6. Saturday = golf / rugby / football / and after again golf, of course. Something like that. 
7. Shopping is not a sport.
8. Your clothing that you wore look perfectly. Seriously! 
9. Ask us what you really want. Do not take subtle hints! 
10. Let us to be clear that: to urinate standing right in front is heavier than the urine comes just below. Even though we are very experienced may sometimes miss the target. That's all! 
11. Most men have 3 or 4 pairs of socks maximum. Then what makes you think that we are able to choose a pair of other 30 that could match your skirt? 
12. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a disease .. Should consult a doctor. 
13. Your mother is not really our best friend. 
14. Check oil and water from time to time. There are two essential elements of your car. 
15. Our relationship will never be as in the first months we went together. 
16. All we said six or eight months ago is irrelevant into a fight today. 
17. No Skirt will make you fat. Chocolate is all crap! 
18.The fact that you say that all top models are false leads us to believe that you're jealous and petty that will not stop us in any case to continue to browse magazines. 
19. Top models man with thouse dream bodies that you see in magazines are all queers!..... 
20. If what we say can be interpreted in two ways, one which will make you sad or angry, then take it to another one becouse that is exactly what we mean. 
21. Let us try someone else,too! If you want us to say that you're much better than others?
22. If's possible, we'd be grateful if you tell us everything you've to say in advertising or during breaks, because then we go to the bathroom, we look for another beer for second round or listening "experts" analysis. 
23. When we're in bed and we seem tired is because we are indeed tired and it does't mean in any way that we feel like talking about our relationship.
24. If you want a dessert after a meal, just take one. You are not required to finish it. You can taste it if you want, but then don't say "No, I can / want / should" and after then eating half from ours. 
25. A diet DOES NOT EXIST without exercise. 
26. If you are on a diet that does't mean we have to do the same. 27. The four essential elements of men are white meat, red meat, coffee and cold beer. 
28. Make sure as all meals contain a reasonable amount of elements named above, everything else falls into the category "tasteless."
29. Don't doubt our sense of orientation, if possible.
30. It's so hard to assume that men only want two things: steak and sex .. The trick is that, however you do it, you let us know that you really like doing it too ...


Sci-Fi Gene on 10 septembrie 2010, 17:39 spunea...

31. There are indeed good romantic comedy films that are worth watching. They are called "When Harry Met Sally."

32. If you wish to watch a romantic comedy that is not called "When Harry Met Sally" then that's fine. We'll be in the screen next door watching "Lord Of The Rings IV: Hobbits Wiv Attitude."

33. Sex And The City II is not a film. It's a breach of international human rights law.

34. James Bond is not some blonde guy. End of.

35. We love you despite all of the above. High five!

Nádia Dantas on 11 septembrie 2010, 01:38 spunea...

Thanks for visiting.
Have a beautiful week-end.

Anonim spunea...

--Why are men are so complicated? =)

Dyeve on 12 septembrie 2010, 07:18 spunea...

Funny men things ..... No man can possibly know all the rules ..and.. The woman is never wrong ...

Hight five and a nice Sunday!

Dyeve on 12 septembrie 2010, 07:19 spunea...

@Nadia Dantes

You welcome and thanks for visit. Hope you'll have a beautiful Sunday ahead! smiles

Dyeve on 12 septembrie 2010, 07:22 spunea...

Becouse inside some of us is a thin person struggling to get out, but she can usually be sedated with a few pieces of chocolate cake .. =))

Have a spledid Sunday!


Anderson Wasser on 12 septembrie 2010, 07:34 spunea...

Oh my God!
It's funny, but I don't agree at all...
The best for U

Anonim spunea...

About the, we guys "missing" the toilet sometimes thing... To be fair when we first wake up in the morning, or for 20 minutes after sex when we go it comes out in about five different directions. If you will ladies, please try and imagine aiming a garden hose that squirts water in five directions at a bucket and trying not to miss... It is impossible.... I've had this equipment my whole life and am therefore qualified to say that. Have a great weekend dyeve! =)

funkkeejooce on 12 septembrie 2010, 16:18 spunea...

This is so funny. Men are definately from Mars. :)

Anonim spunea...

Interesting observation Dy, men, they can just be about anything, just do not get annoyed by their antics. Is it true that they just want steak and sex, gee, i never thought of that. I thought it was sex and more sex...

Cee on 14 septembrie 2010, 11:14 spunea...

LOL Dyeve! This is so funny. I can really see the naughty side of you.

Have a wonderful day!

Dyeve on 15 septembrie 2010, 09:43 spunea...

@FreakSmack in this joke: "..What would get your man to put down the toilet seat?
A sex-change operation" - :P

Now, I understand and I'll tell to all the other women in this world to finish with complaints and reproaches becouse someone very qualified in wich I trust a little bit told me that it is impossible..smiles

Thank you! Wishing you a lovely Day!


Dyeve on 15 septembrie 2010, 09:47 spunea...

@Anderson Wasser

How is that"I don't agree at all"?
hmmm... strange, vary strange..I wonder why? :P

Thank you, Anderson! Always is a pleasure to find you here..


Dyeve on 15 septembrie 2010, 09:48 spunea...


smiles - I don;t think so..Only few of them. :P

Thank you to make time to drop by here!


Dyeve on 15 septembrie 2010, 09:55 spunea...


see, Hans..that's what I appreciated form you for your first moment in here; your honesty ..and is better especially if it's coming from an Sagittarius .. I always had something special for them.. like I told you, my momm was one of them, too. smiles

Thanks a lot!


Dyeve on 15 septembrie 2010, 09:57 spunea...


Hi, sweeti!

I can bet from now that you know me better and better...but you're really agree with all their demands? I don'! :P

Wishing you Da Best as always!


Cristi on 16 septembrie 2010, 21:17 spunea...

îţi place fotbalul ?

Dyeve on 16 septembrie 2010, 22:08 spunea...


Sincera sa fiu da, mai ales ca sunt Stelista.. si sa stii ca nu sunt microbista infocata insa tot ce tine de campionatele mondiale etc..urmaresc cu placere, ba chiar pun pasiune si mai trag si cate o injuratura ( decenta ).. cam atat despre fotbal.. :-)

Anderson Wasser on 17 septembrie 2010, 05:02 spunea...

Hi again, Dyeve.
It's really funny, but I'll give only an example:
For Item 14, some things aren't natural for the most part of women - as example, fix a pipe or check oil and water level of a car, change wheels, and so on.
I'm pride that some things are natural for women too, and I'll never do these things with the same competence as they do.
I believe in the complementarity between us! It's wonderful!!!
Tks again, it's a pleasure to read and laugh.

Cristi on 17 septembrie 2010, 08:49 spunea...

haha :)) fain...

din păcate mie de 2 ani aşa... nu-mi mai găsesc timp de văzut un fotal...adică nu prea am chef.. cine ştie poate am să revin şi eu la popcorn bere rece, de preferat heineken şi mult prea îndrăgitele " Înjurături ". :))

app, chiar aseară am lăsat câteva poze cu tendinţe de tunsori coadă de cal .. aruncă o privire poate poate :P

Dyeve on 19 septembrie 2010, 10:33 spunea...

@Anderson Wasser
smiles. Yes! ..
Let me think..umm.. We only want just: Respect, Romance, sex, Dinner, Communication, Consistency,
Engagement,Humor and Humility,
Did I forgot to mention something? :) Let me know if...! :-)


Dyeve on 19 septembrie 2010, 10:40 spunea...


Tu vorbesti chiar serios, man!smiles.Nu pot sa cred ca nu ti-ai facut timp pentru fotbal pana in prezent.
Ori esti prea ocupat, ori esti freak. :P
.. Sau este din cauza faptului ca Steaua :(( a mancat bataita rusinoasa de la toate ca se stia ca la ei acasa nu-i bate nimeni? My, Gush!

Normal ca mai trec odata sa mai privesc acele coafuri.Am observat ca ai mai multe articole in acest sens.. si nu numai.

Iti doresc o Duminica cat mai placuta si relaxanta!


Cristi on 19 septembrie 2010, 13:59 spunea...

..s-au împlinit circa 3 ani de când am lăsat fotbalul.
Recunosc că aşa la un meci 2 am mai aruncat cu ochiu dar, doar le meciuri gen Barcelona-AC Milan. ...
fotbalul românesc tot timpu mi-a dat dureri de cap.. nu ştiu ce-i acuma, ce s-a schimbat de 3 ani, dar mi se pare pur şi simplu o " PORCĂRIE ".
Mai bine mă relaxez la un film,sau un K1 :X decât să-mi pierd timpu văzând paraleli alergănd cu lopta pe câmp :))
Prea mulţi bani se învârt fotbalul ăsta .. în timp ce lumea moare de foame... care-i rostu ?!!!
Măcar de ar fi ceva plăcut, cum se vede la un meci ca al celor de la Milan, Barca,Real....

O duminică plăcută şi ţie :)

Dyeve on 19 septembrie 2010, 18:05 spunea...


Awww.. ! Si eu tin cu cei de la AC.Milan. Sunt favoritii mei, pe bune.

In privinta fotbalului romanesc - sau ce a mai ramas de capul lui este foarte adevarat. Parca odata cu "Epoca Hagi" .. s-a terminat cu sportul nostru national. Pacat! Imi amintesc de toata perioada de "glorie" de pe vremea lui Topescu, crainic greu de egalat cu altcineva, sincer. Crainic care m-a facut sa sar din fotoliu de fiecare data si care impreuna cu sportivii mari ai nostri, m-a facut sa ma simt romanca de fiecare data.

Nu stiu ce se intampla in fotbalul romanesc dar cu siguranta fiecare jucator cred ca este pentru el si nu-l mai intereseaza sa faca corp comun cu ceea ce se cheama echipa. Team!..Asta este.

Multumesc pentru

Sper in vremuri mai bune si frumoase in toate ramurile sportului romanesc si mai ales pentru Romania!


Cristi on 19 septembrie 2010, 19:52 spunea...



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