miercuri, 1 septembrie 2010

Wanna party G-Girl?

I was in third year .. and I returned from a party at 2 A.M. Being "poor" at that time I hadn't money to took a cab to home. Just when the tram was approaching the station four boys very drunk and in mood of scandal took the same tram with me. All the people „running” towards  first wagon, me too, they after us. :)

They made high noise, swearing, using bad language and me among them staying silent and quiet as a snail. – smiles ( smiling just now..then I couldn’t .. :) )
One of them drop a bottle of red wine about 3 l. on the flow right beside me; waves came into my sandals, my socks... I tried to get away from them without a single word or  sound, in another corner of the compartment looking to get closer on the door that it seems to me  may never been opened again..

Than, they looked at me .. me nothing; I was petrified.. Then they started to fighting between them just for „fun” .. becouse alcohol clearly spoken to their brains, were dizzy, the next station was so long .. tram was almost empty, my heart where frozen and ..My luck was that they thrown on to a man who has just get on tram from the station that followed, and they started to beat him .. and the guy who threw the wine, suddenly turns  and comes towards me ( OMG! – I said in my mind)  looking very satisfied and proud by what he did  it-   showing me "hiS blooDy  HAnd”  from the man’s chin ... who had  wiped his face covered in blood ..

Just when I started *to sing psalms from Bible in my brain*, finally  doors were unlocked ..and I don’t know how God or me could managed to get off from that tram, a few stations earlier (really didn’t matter anyway ) -- but I think I WAS f****** lucky, indeed!

Consequences :
2 months I have not been to any Party .. hopping  Obi-Wan, Dracula, Hanibal Lecter into a day of Friday 13 comes looking for him/them!
No more party, gal .."Always coca-cola!"... and excuse my bad english always ~ smiles.


Távola De Estrelas on 2 septembrie 2010, 03:32 spunea...

Hi Dy ! A rail train story ? but , very bad (not the story writed, but the story that you lived in that train ! They are days in the persons into the evening , better dont go to the street in the night !
I like your style!
Be well


Cee on 3 septembrie 2010, 08:35 spunea...

Oh that's something scary! You know I have my share of story similar to what happened to you..so I really know the feeling. Good thing, you stopped party-ing.............. for at least two mos. LOL!

Good day Dyeve!

timethief on 4 septembrie 2010, 05:32 spunea...

Dear friend,
I have come and have read this 3 times and I have been distressed each time. I didn't know what comment to leave because I laothe violence and know from personal experience how deelpy it imprints on sensitive people. I can hear how deeply it disturbed you. I'm so sorry you had to be there and sww this happen and hopw it never happens to you again.
All my love alwuys,

Missy Ricco on 4 septembrie 2010, 07:45 spunea...

People can be such animals!

ps, thank you for visiting me and your lovely comment :O}

Távola De Estrelas on 4 septembrie 2010, 12:20 spunea...

Dy, that your story has left me pondering ... Do you wait a little? I'm scared! I gotta catch my breath!

I wish you a wonderful weekend.



Távola De Estrelas on 5 septembrie 2010, 19:23 spunea...

Hi Dy ! How are you ?
I think that you are a little bit absent from this blog...
I wish, sincerely, that in your life everything going well.
have a wonderful Sunday


Nicone on 6 septembrie 2010, 21:44 spunea...

This could happen to anyone, I think. I've done some partying and just luck's prevented me from meeting such goons. I do recognize the "never again" feeling, though. :-D Glad you're ok.

Anderson Wasser on 7 septembrie 2010, 06:47 spunea...

I often say that humans are capable to do much worse things we can imagine and at the same time, the most noble and beautiful things that we can also imagine.
I prefer to fix my attention, most of the time, on our good side - it gives me hope that we can evolve to become even better than we are today.
But one thing I believe: All we do return to us one day! One more reason to get better every day.
Tks and be happy, Dyeve.

Ivanna on 7 septembrie 2010, 18:11 spunea...

hi sweetty! how are you doing? hope you´re well,nice story,I like the way you write!wish you a lovely day,take care.
my best regards x you!

Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:26 spunea...

@Távola De Estrelas

Hi! smiles

Thank you so much for all your kind words. Don't worry! Was a long time ago..and just remembered this story and I wanted to write also here, in my blog.

Take care,be well and thanks!


Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:28 spunea...


My dear, thank you! I think that it could happen to all of us.. I am much careful right now, for sure. smiles. Nothing will happen with me again..

Kises & Hugs ..

Same Dy,


Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:34 spunea...


Thank you so much for your nice words. Yes, is very unpleasant to assist such experiences,and beside me ..so pity that the man was in such situation.I wanted to intervene. that's was what I thinking in my mind ..but how could I? :))

However, is good to be safe everywhere..

Wishing you the best always!


Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:36 spunea...

@Missy Ricco

Exactily, everywhere in this world we meet violence and callousness..I do not know when it will be a peaceful world .. smiles

Thanks a lot and take care!



Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:38 spunea...

@Távola De Estrelas

smiles - You're such a cool person.. Nothing happen to me..not in that day ..even till today. :P

You take care and be happy!
thank you very much for your kind words and your worry! :P



Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:40 spunea...

@Távola De Estrelas


Yes, I was a little bit bussy, but now I'm back in "bussines" blog .. ha ha

have a nice day, you too!


Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:43 spunea...


Thank you so much! Yes that feeling .. only until next time ..and we forget .. :P
My luck, too that I never met them ever and never in my life again. :P

Wishing you much luck and the best life!


Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:47 spunea...

@Anderson Wasser

Thank you! Yes, I do myself all the time and I never lose my hope..but it seems it will take a little bit more .. at least here in my country .. I don't know about yours.. :P

And yea, I'm agree with you that we must concentrate to the good side of our life.. smiles

Thank you!


Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:50 spunea...


Thank you, sweeti! I'm glad to find you here again. smiles
Yes, I'm very ok. I'm doing great hope you do the same.

Wishing you a lovely Day!♥


Ram Bansal, the Theosoph on 10 septembrie 2010, 01:44 spunea...

The incident description almost took away ground from my feet. Good that you were saved. Better, take care - prevention is better than cure. You are so wonderful.

Dyeve on 12 septembrie 2010, 07:27 spunea...

@Ram Bansal, the Theosoph

Thank you! We see people at their absolute worst.. motivated by greed, driven by selfishness, indulgent of their own coarse physical needs, and unable to overcome the weaknesses that control them. Learn from our experiences? You bet.

Have a cool Sunday!

Anonim spunea...

scary experience, what happened to yr escort to the party, did you get stood up or something

Dyeve on 15 septembrie 2010, 09:23 spunea...


You made me smile ..I was a little bit little..I just remembered this story and I wanted to post here.

Wishing you the best and thanks!



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