marți, 18 mai 2010

Take you're favourite partner now!

First, don't make me laugh, becouse I don't - and let me tell you just a little story about this pictures:
In the first picture I see - un unlucky eunuch who was wrong developed by his hernia. The second one – Let’s pray for bouth of them - that they keep getting married soon so well.. pretty little precious...The 4th one -You have no clue who your real father is, right? In the sixth picture - I am happy, wtf, better be the public damned when they look to my wonderful fucking face!.The guy with the nose with a big "hole" (pic.7) maybe he waved as he shouted -Anything goes!!!.  and for the rest of them: „Oh jobless, oh homeless, oh I’m desperate, I need a girl, right here, right now!”  Dare anyone say "YES, what's your rate for the night? For the rest of the pictures you can comment as you like.
Do you ever belive one of this guy if he told  you:"I had your girl, without paying a dime"? - Come'on!

PS ( Pokemon stupid)
Hey,  DUDE, wtf – WAKE-UP!!!..and don't forget  to pay the doctor after and if, all of you are been recovered. Deal? Fuck off!
(sorry about my bad language, but I couldn't stop! :P)


Cee on 18 mai 2010, 08:56 spunea...

Oh Dyeve! You are very naughty to post those photos. This is not the first time I've seen something like those, but it still never fail to make me feel dizzy. LOL!

Have a dizzy day!
Every Thought Counts

Will on 19 mai 2010, 03:18 spunea...

My guess is all of them are on the No Fly list!hahaha

dyeve on 19 mai 2010, 15:58 spunea...


Yes, I was and I still am, but when I see such people what should I do? I don't blame them but I feel a lot of sorrority for them...

Have a splendid day! Thx babe <3


dyeve on 19 mai 2010, 16:00 spunea...


I really don;t understand this people,why they doing this with their body, why?

have a nice day!


victorysilcana on 21 mai 2010, 09:24 spunea...

kletswiDyeve Fără îndoială, aceste persoane nu vreau să merg neobservat prin lume. Sunt dornici să atragă atenţia tuturor, nu complexă şi nici un sentiment de ridicol şi doresc să fie actori într-un mod pentru toată lumea sa ma uit.
Un salut frumos.

kbspot on 22 mai 2010, 18:37 spunea...

i surely wouldn't dare to do that. i know that hurts a lot ...

Anonim spunea...

some are outright scary, it must be painful to prick those sharp metals/nails into the body flesh, why do these people keep doing them i wonder


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