miercuri, 31 august 2011

Take a break, read a book

Reading habit like other habits is developed in an individual during a period of time and is subject to change with age and maturity.Regular and systematic reading sharpens the intellect, refines the emotions, elevates tastes and provides perspectives for one’s living.

Today I have a beautiful video directed by Matthias Zentner for American premium cable television Showtime who come out with this impressive piece. Matthias Zentner worked as a freelance travel journalist and photographer before film-making, but he swapped life on the road to train as a broadcast editor and graphic designer.

Let your imagination spread its wings and think out-of-the-box and materialize this fictional and fantastical video. You can imagine a story perhaps  with mysterious creatures and places in a  place of never-ending wonder or what you want. Enjoy!

PS - You know, I don't want to admit to it but when I'm reading a book with a particularly lovely book smell every so often I hold my nose close to the pages and inhale. Am I a weirdo?:))  


Nádia Dantas on 1 septembrie 2011, 04:28 spunea...

kisses :)

Dyeve on 1 septembrie 2011, 20:40 spunea...

Thank you, sweeti!<3 Kisses 6 Hugs

Count Sneaky on 4 septembrie 2011, 23:36 spunea...

This a beautiful video, one of the best I've seen in many, many hours of viewing.
It does what most videos don't do, and books by their nature do...it involves the imagination. Books are frozen thought and speech and of all creations of civilization the least dispensible...and most valuable. I look upon blogs as booklets and just as valuable.
Nice post

Anderson Wasser on 5 septembrie 2011, 05:11 spunea...

Welcome again, after so long!
I really liked the video, and as an avid reader, I was touched.
now ... about to smell the pages of books, It's very cool.
We smell the flowers, books... and whatever we admire, we value.
Bine ai revenit

nothingprofound on 5 septembrie 2011, 18:01 spunea...

Hi Dyeve-so lovely to drop by and see you're still blogging. Wonderful video-so alive with imagination. We miss you over at blogcatalog. Drop by sometime.

Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2011, 19:54 spunea...

@Count Sneaky

Thank you for your wonderful words.✿☮♥

Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2011, 19:56 spunea...

@Anderson Wasser

I am glad that you did not forget me and I enjoy that I have seen you here in this page. God, bless you!♥☮✿

Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2011, 19:59 spunea...


Thank you, so much! I'm so happy that you didn't forget me. :) Of course I will drop by to say Hi..or something at blogcatalog. They have been great with me in a difficult period of my life. Thanks again and take care.. Be blessed!

Riccy on 27 septembrie 2011, 05:41 spunea...

wow...i'm so jelious...your blog is too good....i just love it..i'm following you now and hope you will do the same...bye friends take care..

Dyeve on 1 octombrie 2011, 11:53 spunea...


Well,don't ! - smiles
Hope you'll visit me soon, thank you! :)


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