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Pretty places

Mogosoaia's Palace is near Bucharest and is one of the most wanted and more attractive places because of the valuable architectural patrimony, located in a picturesque natural environment, close to the City of Bucharest. The castle is build on the lakeshore and is surrounded by a large park with many very old trees.

It was built between 1698-1702 by the Romanian ruler of that time, Constantin Brancoveanu. Later was renovated in 1920 by the novelist and poet Martha Bibescu, which was received as a gift from her husband, George Valentin Bibescu. To renovate the palace Martha Bibescu spents much of the money she received from selling her books and poems.

The name of the palace comes from the Mogos squire's wife, which belonged the land before the castle where building. Mogosoaia Palace itself is gorgeous, and the same thing can be said also about the area in which it is placed. The palace was built on Lake Mogosoaia in the middle of a park full of greenery and colorful flowers.

The facade of the palace has an elegant Italian loggia, columns with stone masonry as they occur in the Romanian folk art (albeit they are traditionally carved in wood), a flight of stairs of marble on the exterior, and a balcony. All these elements, which are characteristic to Italy and to the Orient, which give the building a special charm. 

Another delight of the Mogosoaia Palace, is the hedge from park which are made it with beautiful items such as mini-mazes, columns and arches, all refreshed from place to place with flowers. Constantin Brancoveanu loved art and culture. 

The second half of the 17th century until his execution in 1714 in Istanbul can be characterised as the Romanian Renaissance, as Brancoveanu brought masters from countries that had a strong tradition in building. It was they who brought the elements of the Renaissance, which, together with the local style of the hillside, put together the Brancoveanu style. Currently, the palace is in full restoration process but you will be really surprised when seeing the castle                                 Mogosoaia Palace Artifacts


Will on 11 octombrie 2010, 21:37 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
Great place would love to visit it.
Talk about a poisonous present how to maintain and heat something so big?lol
Still it looks like a great place to visit in Summer.

Dyeve on 12 octombrie 2010, 01:25 spunea...


You can visit in the spring and autumn, too. Not only in the summer. It is a pleasant temperature here and you don't need to make a bath. You could enjoy the architecture, artifacts..while you may have fantasies about

Is superb,really worth seeing...

Thanks, again! :-)

Anderson Wasser on 12 octombrie 2010, 05:55 spunea...

Hi Dyeve!
This is a place that I would really love to visit. I hve a friend of mine that discovered a new way to know Europe as well: not visiting common and pop places as Paris, Rome, and so on, but visiting Bulgaria, Romania, and others countries more to the East, even some of then are sheaper than tradicional countries.
Tks to bring some good and beautiful places inside Romania to us.

Dyeve on 12 octombrie 2010, 12:21 spunea...

Anderson Wasser @ Hi, there!

Yes it's great place, but all the places in the world are beautiful and worth visiting at least once.
Each of them has something from people culture, history ..which each of us holding in our hearts in particular.smiles

All the best to you! I'm glad that you're back...

Anonim spunea...

What a beautiful building - and great photographs.

The rounded arches are very reminiscent of the Moorish architecture I have seen in Southern Spain at the Alhambra palace. Not at all what i would have expected to see in Bucharest.

smiles always

Dyeve on 14 octombrie 2010, 18:28 spunea...

@Juliana Matthews

I'm glad you liked it! Indeed there are many beautiful things in and nearby Bucharest who worth visiting, and be remembered.

Wishing you a happy life!


Anonim spunea...

i like the pics and those artifacts were beautiful, thanks for sharing Dy

Dyeve on 15 octombrie 2010, 22:19 spunea...


Yes,are very beautiful,interesting
and full of history. Glad you liked.



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