duminică, 29 august 2010

Brighten up and get a new brand!

You're branded, branded, branded with rapp
It's time for me -- and you -- to take a lesson from hip-hopp
A lesson that's true for anyone who's interested in that
What it takes to  prosper in the new world with  rapp?
Regardless of age, regardless of position,
Regardless of the business we happen to be in,
We need to understand  the importance of branding
So, put me in the right now, my spirited Spartan.
Don’t make me mad ‚ it’s so simple not so hard
Hip-Hopp it’s the best branding,that is inescapable.
Oh, Pardon me for being such a  rude
But starting today you are a brand.
PhotobucketThey  have a very clear culture of  life.
You're hired, you’re not report to work,
You’re immediately start figuring out
How to deliver value to your life.
And if you're really smart, you can figure out
How to distinguish yourself from smart people walking around.
Start right now as of this moment, if u're really smart,
U can figure out what it takes, be important brand as Nike, nut.
Look at how the company executes a pre-launch strategy
When build anticipation and generate awareness
Coke, Pepsi, Nike, the Body Shop, put them on the flow
This is the image is used to identify the brand Absolutely?
Create a distinctive role for yourself differently
Think what makes you so much diffrent?
You're going to think of yourself just searching
Look up in your mind and be branded absolutely !
U’re not suposed to join a team, when 'ur employer can blow
Your new brand that is just born into this world
Starting from today you’re branded, branded with rapp
Yippe! I got to goo..I got to goo.. Rollin with the flow..!


Ram Bansal, the Theosoph on 29 august 2010, 13:26 spunea...

Wow, nice piece on life's reality in modern days. Branding is important as it provides a unique place for the branded thing. But beware, it is useful for a start-up only, later only the real worth matters.

Dyeve on 29 august 2010, 19:04 spunea...

@Ram Bansal, the Theosoph

Tank you, this is truth
But now what I have to do?
The dog always digs up the bone
I can only attest my bad rapp and a good lough...



IVANNA on 29 august 2010, 23:03 spunea...

love this article,thnaks x share it.wish you success about knitting:360º,its a cool sweater,if you need hepl..let me know.Ok,I´m your follower nº 255,pls follow me back,also I followed you on twitter,have a wonderfull week,full of colors,faith,love and happyness,take care,see you soon!
thanks x your frinship

Sci-Fi Gene on 29 august 2010, 23:59 spunea...

Now what you have to do is record it!

Dyeve on 30 august 2010, 00:07 spunea...


Thanks babe. I will..till then let me trie to start by monday..and let's see if I could finish ..some day.. :))

Take care, wishing you a cool start of week!


Dyeve on 30 august 2010, 00:15 spunea...

@Sci-Fi Gene

I did discover that my earlier rapp
Were a little less than precise
But when you'll be my impresario
Of course I will I mean,
it's the dream role for a little monster gal in love with rapp.

Do you like my cat? :))

Anonim spunea...

This is such a fun piece!
I rather thaink at my age the only branding I would get is 'past its sell by date'. giggles.

Smiles and blessings.

Dyeve on 8 septembrie 2010, 17:54 spunea...

@Juliana Matthews

giggles - All the time you have the right words for the right post of mine...but you are to kind like usual. Thank you so much sweeti! ( this time I wroted corectily.. :P)
and one more time I need to tell you again that I'm so, so happy for you and for your lovely niece. You are so precious for me..



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