vineri, 27 august 2010

Jay's Unicorn

I met a very talented girl in the virtual world of blogging, formely a beautiful young girl Jay.Me  with an ocean full of fantasies, dreams and good thoughts in her mind and heart, very talented who reminded me of my wish from my childhood, a Unicorn. She drawing on my insistence that Unicorn that one to die for which I want it all the time.

I remembered one from  all stories about unicorns,  which says that we can not see him with other animals by our forests, because Noah did not take it on his ark. But this is not true. Unicorns are magical, so when the rain started pouring, they grew themselves some wings and they took to soaring, but they no longer shown to people, becouse their soul where not as good as it's worth it seeing this magical beautiful creature.

It happens, however, that only some children with pure heart, could see him from far..sometimes even in our days.But, why it seems to me that Jay.Me sow already one of them? ~ smiles.

Look! if you don't belive me ...and check for yourself  here  were you can find more beautiful and tasteful piece of art and certainly we'll hear very soon about this artist.


Cee on 27 august 2010, 04:03 spunea...

Sounds really interesting! Would check it out!


Anderson Wasser on 27 august 2010, 04:46 spunea...

Beautiful designs. Since we have no unicorns, play with ponies ...
I liked the blog
Tks! And be happy!!!

Dyeve on 27 august 2010, 16:27 spunea...


Yes it is, besides Jay is vaery talented. Hope you like it!!

Have a nice week-end!


Dyeve on 27 august 2010, 16:29 spunea...

@Anderson Wasser

Yeah, I liked so much! It's a must see her art-site.

Of course now I'm happy - she finally did it! ;))


Anonim spunea...

Hi Dy! Thank you so much for your kind words, you are a sweetheart. I am very glad you liked the painting.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! =)

Dyeve on 28 august 2010, 16:56 spunea...
Very delightful --much deserved!

Have a cool one, too!


Távola De Estrelas on 28 august 2010, 21:09 spunea...

Hi Dy ! I like this post ! I see also the JayMe blog. Thank for this two tickets to dreams ...

Have a great Saturday.


Dyeve on 29 august 2010, 01:18 spunea...

@Távola De Estrelas

Hope you liked jay.Me --blog and enjoyed her painting!

You too! smiles


♥The Sweet Life♥ on 30 august 2010, 15:58 spunea...

Sounds very cool. Very interesting post. Thanks for your comment haha I'm glad you found my last post funny. It's been days & I still have my tan left over from my tanning disaster. I tried scrubbing it off but it's still not off yet haha. Also I switched around my blog. I used to have 2 blogs now I only have 1. I switched around the template & everything. Enjoy your week!!

Dyeve on 31 august 2010, 00:41 spunea...

@♥The Sweet Life♥

It has been GREAT, preatty amazing. Hope all si fixed right now and you're back to normal. :P

But, I like your layouts..I don't know.I change them too often also..smiles

See ya'a soon and take care!



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