sâmbătă, 7 august 2010

Few moments of art - 1.

Marcel Nino Pajot  is an „ilustrator and his drawings are full of sketches and studies, often merely drafts, which reflect its ongoing quest for "truth" of the drawing, the foundation of his art."

I would like this time to make a comparison between "The Man without qualities" of Robert Musil, (maybe you remember the novel ~ a masterpiece) from which I understand what is a real man without qualities and Marcel Pajot’s work as you see in the pictures bellow.

It’s like highlights the dangers of a false imagination, one that, although he gives the appearance of creativity ethical or artistic, not only to increase the representation unnecessary and overwhelm life under the burden of concepts or solipsiste games, but these opposing attitudes are clearly explained with a good use of imagination and creativity. 

Also, that „General” who ivade the „Imperial Library of Viena” and is expected to experience spiritual order and how he decives that there can find prestigious „summary of all the deep thoughts of humanity” or even the second part of the book, when the hero lives a relentless love that tension between desire and accomplishment, a way of appropriation of the "unity" seems to become possible and can not be captured only in a "forgetfulness" the centrality of self obsession - ( "Being egotistical means you feel like wearing the central point of his own people in the focus of the world) it’s shows exactily the same thing underlined by Pajot’s art with full of good taste.

.... And when it comes to art only - Sky Is The Limit !




Andrian on 7 august 2010, 12:34 spunea...

Interesant, dar de ce nu iei de aici un program de redimensionat pozele sa nu mai iasa din post, la tine latimea maxima a postului este de width=420px

Dyeve on 7 august 2010, 12:48 spunea...


smiles. Well, thank you! Am fixat ( nu era gata articolul - eram in probe//:P)..chiar acum fug sa dau un ochi la linkul pe care mi l-ai oferit.
Trebuie sa fie precis ceva interesant.

Multumesc. xo

Távola De Estrelas on 7 august 2010, 21:01 spunea...

Hi Dy, wonderful post about Pajot's artistic paints and the conection with Robert Musil's book ! I like this ! I´m waiting for next chapter!
Have a nice Saturday and a good Sunday.


Andrian on 8 august 2010, 17:38 spunea...

Se vede treaba ca ai reusit cu pozele...

Anderson Wasser on 9 august 2010, 03:27 spunea...

This is art that we are not used to see, but very interesting. Thanks again for letting us break paradigms!

Isto é arte que não estamos acostumados a ver, mas muito interessante. Obrigado mais uma vez por nos quebrar paradigmas!

Dyeve on 9 august 2010, 13:41 spunea...

@Távola De Estrelas


I'm glad you like it..Someone said that art is a magic mirror that we create to turn invisible dreams in visible pictures.smiles.

You too have a splendid start of week!


Dyeve on 9 august 2010, 13:44 spunea...


Am reusit dar sa stii ca am intrat si la art. tau interesant. Sunt cam varza in privinta programelor si le aplic cum pot si ma taie capul si din cand in cand mai stresez si eu pe cine imi pica in mana. :))

Toate cele bune si azi!


Dyeve on 9 august 2010, 13:48 spunea...

@Anderson Wasser

:)) You're welcome! Art is a mystery. A mystery that when you think you've learned.. the more crazy passion stirs in you and you're determine to manifest somehow. It's a game where you go out of curiosity at first, but then you can not escape ...

Thx and take care with paradigms! :P


Távola De Estrelas on 9 august 2010, 14:45 spunea...

Hy Dy, im here again to wish to you a very nice week.
Be well.

Dyeve on 9 august 2010, 21:08 spunea...

@Távola De Estrelas

Thank you! Anytime, you're more than welcome. You too, a beautiful one!


Anonim spunea...

foarte interesant blogul, imi place cum scrii

Anonim spunea...

te astept intr-o vizita pe
-Ne amuzam ca nu-i impozabil!
si daca iti place poate ramai :)

Dyeve on 10 august 2010, 15:15 spunea...


Ok. smiles. Am intrat si n-ai muscat. :P
See ya'a soon & nice to meet you!



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