marți, 10 august 2010




Anonim spunea...

LOL - I love that!! My mother is staying with me at the moment, she is 80 years old and VERY challenging. Your funny Dr seuss poem has made me giggle for the first time today!
Smiles and hugs

Teresa on 11 august 2010, 04:44 spunea...

Hilarious! That was great! Thanks for the laugh.

Anonim spunea...

I wish I had a cat
with a hat
and a bat
and a 64 Impala

Anderson Wasser on 13 august 2010, 04:44 spunea...

foarte amuzant!
Ne vedem mai târziu.

Unknown on 14 august 2010, 05:45 spunea...

@Juliana Matthews

Thanks and I'm glad that I steal from you a smile, also I send a kiss to your mother and of course one for you.

Take care!


Unknown on 14 august 2010, 05:45 spunea...


What a nice surprise to see you here. Thank you dear, I'm happy that you liked.smiles

All the best!


Unknown on 14 august 2010, 05:46 spunea...

@Anderson Wasser

This is for sure. Thx..See ya'a1 smiles


Unknown on 14 august 2010, 05:56 spunea...

@Freak Smack

I think it's just harder with the 64 the rest it's so easy. :))

I wish life isn’t a big joke
I wish Junk food don't bite us in the butt
I wish smoking don't be just dumb
I wish ignore my feelings
I wish to make decisions with hard reason
I wish all my mistakes worth it.
I wish focus on being happy.. :P


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