luni, 18 ianuarie 2010

Avatar 2 :P

Puteti si voi sa va "scalambaiatzi"..Incercati, daca aveti stieee.......=)))) (merci Adrian ) ..Pe planeta Pandora..intr-o buna zi..s-a nascut si era si ea trebuia sa se maturizeze si pare ca prefera sa se scalambaie in toate chipurile..:P


ladislau on 19 ianuarie 2010, 08:26 spunea...

Si eu vreau sa ma "scalambai" dar nu am putut zice ca e ocupat serverul...Cum sa fac?Help plz!!

Mystique Earth on 19 ianuarie 2010, 17:41 spunea...

Hi Dyeve,
Avatar Pt 2?
Cute but I still like part 1 which is still going on in theatres over here.

Imagine, it took it's debut on Dec 17th, 2009 & today is 19th January 2010. Yet there are still interested patrons for the movie.

I watched the Avatar movie alone & enjoyed it very much. I simply don't know why. But, one thing I took notice is that the plot is much more realistic than the "2012" the movie. The events in 2012 was unrealistic at most times, especially how the main cast never get a scratch when the catastrophy begun.

Andrian on 20 ianuarie 2010, 16:17 spunea...

Ce idee, mie nu mi-a dat prin cap sa pun poza de cand eram mic :(


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