luni, 3 august 2009

wow, Aliens are here...papa tu mi mii

Well.. Good-morning,everybody! HEY,people!Wake-up! The aliens are here..and singing a nice song for us..smiles Lets have some fun with this song in this f***..monday.:)


aim on 3 august 2009, 13:50 spunea...

he he very cute allien with sweets voice.

Mystique Earth on 3 august 2009, 16:04 spunea...

Cool find.

dyeve on 3 august 2009, 16:44 spunea...

@Mystique Earth
thx for visit..Nice yours too ..interesting..things in there its exactily what my doctor recomanded me..youre site..smiles...Nice to meet you!

naqiubex on 3 august 2009, 17:17 spunea...

The aliens are very cute.. are they came to earth to conquer us?

dyeve on 4 august 2009, 00:35 spunea...


smiles conquer each of us and to be an peace instrument on the be just pece7& love
thx fo visit..

Anonim spunea...

mondays will never be the same anymore, did you compose the musical sound?

dyeve on 4 august 2009, 20:46 spunea...


hahahaah! no, I dont..:)
but I am like an alien sometime especially monday..
Thx my friend its good to be loved..:)
have a superkalifragelistic espialidoushen :)) night!

Sci-Fi Gene on 11 iunie 2010, 11:25 spunea...

The new Romanian national anthem?

Love it - sfg x

Dyeve on 14 iunie 2010, 01:21 spunea...

@Sci-Fi Gene

Yeah! from 2009 when I enter first time in the Alien Army.:P

Alien Priories or Illegal Aliens VS Predator.


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