miercuri, 14 aprilie 2010

A lovely look of mr.Bean

Mr. Bean groups are currently all the rage on Facebook, so, have some fun with few newest -  the best one directily from there!

If mr.Bean had a bady!
If mr.Bean had a doughter!
If mr.Bean was Harry Potter - kids would run scared
If Mr Bean was Harry Potter

If mr.Bean was Lady Gaga..
 Mr Bean was Lady Gaga
If Mr Bean was a pirate.. you'd walk the plank to get away
Mr Bean was a pirate
If Mr Bean was the Pope.. you might better start praying
If Mr 
Bean was Pope 
If Mr Bean was in Twilight.. Edward Cullen would look hotter
If Mr Bean was in Twilight 
If mr. Bean was Legally Blondem- he'd never win a case
If Mr Bean was in Legally Blonde

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