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Awesome fashion

It’s a vexing conundrum: you can tell a lot about a man by his shoes; yet there are only a limited number of ways a gentleman can truly express himself via his footwear. Men’s shoes just don’t cut it in the expansive design stakes.

But we’re sensing a mood shift, as evidenced by these snappy striders, fresh for Spring 2010.
Christian Louboutin's  Freddy Flats lace-up shoes are made with patent leather and smattered with a profusion of studs to the toe and heel. They scream: daringly dapper. Not surprisingly Pharrell Williams has already stepped out in a pair.

In keeping with what the bling theme,  Michael Kors  has released these Capote Flats. Made from tan leather and featuring silver toe jewellery they’re a statement in English eccentricity.  
( Bill Tikos )
What about  Ostwald Helgason fashion?

The use of print within fashion is not a new phenomenon, however, with technological innovation a surge of photosynthesis prints is giving an almost 3D effect to the finished garments. The fusion of colour, print and reality makes the wearer feel like a moving installation! One brand whose signature style integrates narrative prints and a kaleidoscope of colours is Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason of Oswwald Helgason.
The German and Icelandic designers met when both were working for a London design studio. They won two design grants from the German government and showed their first joint collection at Paris Fashion Week. Ostwald is the colour and print designer and Helgason is the maestro of the silhouettes. The Ostwald Helgason label launched in 2006 and stocks in Denmark, France, Hong Kong, Iceland, Japan, Netherlands, UK and US in shops such as Opening Ceremony, Kokon To Zai and Bauhaus, and boasts fans such as Rihanna and Daphne Guinness.
(Kate Vandermeer)

Ostwald Helgason

The label Ostwald Helgason was founded in 2008 by Susanne Ostwald and Ingvar Helgason.

Susanne Ostwald was born 1979 in Leipzig, Germany and has an MA in Fashion Design from the art college Burg Giebichenstein in Halle.
Ingvar Helgason was born 1980 in Reykjavik, Iceland, studied Fashion Design in Copenhagen and worked as a tailor in Iceland before studying Fashion Management in London. They met while working in a London design studio.

After receiving two highly sought after design grants from the German government they were invited to show their first collection during Paris Fashion Week at the German embassy. In 2008 a jury that included Sarah Lerfel from Colette, Paris and Henrik Vibskov invited Ostwald Helgason to show their collection during Berlin Fashion Week as part of a showcase of young talent.

Ostwald Helgason integrate narrative prints and exuberant colours into complex collections that include daywear, eveningwear and accessories.
Tailoring and draping are blended to achieve a soft yet structured architecture, which has become their signature. They work as a team on the overall look of the collections while individually Ostwald is responsible for the colours and print design and Helgason for the silhouettes.

A keen interest in art, nature and technology and love for traditional men’s tailoring and ethnic textile design is a constant source of inspiration for their collections.

The Ostwald Helgason customer is a confident woman of no specific age or social background. The use of unique prints, strong colours and a modern interpretation of tailoring has won them the attention of personalities known for their strong sense of style such as Daphne Guinness and Rihanna.


Anonim spunea...

Good to read this. Before, I just wore what I felt suit to my foot with out thinking about the impression behind it. May be now better for man to think what the impression of others behind their cloth or shoes. You got a nice & beautiful template, Dyeve.

Will on 6 martie 2010, 09:08 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
Honestly i wouldn't want to wear them if i were dead or blind or both for that matter!
Ok it's true it's hard to find good quality shoes who are comfortable and good looking at the same time.
Call me picky but i love my shoes and it's true a shoe says a lot about a man ,sometimes i notice young business men good quality suit & shirt then when you look down : unpolished ugly shoes !
That's it for me you fail!

Have a great week-end !

dyeve on 6 martie 2010, 22:36 spunea...


Thx for the compliment about my themplate,I hope you like it..I'm not sure that I will keep it, but..till then..:)

Yes, shoes are an important accessory in a dress, but they do not necessarily have to wear them. It just look nice, so I posted here, for fun:))

dyeve on 6 martie 2010, 22:42 spunea...

My dear friend, you have right in all you said,you have a good point of view here.

Fashion designer is a designer's dream - not necessarily have to wear or dress us all with what they propose. After all in fashion you need a bit of madness and audacity..:)
Certainly we are normal people and choose normality as far as possible, otherwise .. others are free to freak.
I posted just for fun and your impressions, I was curious about reactions ..tha's all. :)

Thanks for visiting and comment.
A week-end beautiful & blessed! :)

Paul on 7 martie 2010, 07:12 spunea...

I would be afraid of hurting myself if I wore those shoes. One thing I dislike about living in the U.S. is that no one seems to care about how they dress,.. you are just as likely to see people wearing gym clothes (because the are comfortable, not because they go to the gym) when they go out to a night club, etc., as you are to see someone dressed nicely.

dyeve on 7 martie 2010, 09:02 spunea...


I often scratch my head to find my answers. Probably when designers generally create,they think through the perspective of what they would wear. That does not mean we can all fit in the pattern and trend porpus of that.

I heard from friends that America does not put big price on clothing ..maybe they are all rappers, as Snoop-Dog? :))I'm jocking of course..
Here in Romania (because I understood that you was here already) may have noticed that in general, and especially young people are dress very cool, right or wrong?:P

About what we comment on these shoes .. my question is: Clothes make the man or the man make clothes? .. I'm curious to know the answers about that..

Thanks for visit and I wish to you a splendid week-end!

Paul on 8 martie 2010, 03:10 spunea...

Dyeve, I think clothing plays a much bigger role in our lives than we give it credit. I know I always feel much better after recently having a haircut and wearing something nice, than I do wearing older clothes because I might get dirty doing some physical work, or just to be comfortable,.. and being in need of having a haircut :p There are some people however, who seem to be upset with society, and it would not matter what they wore, their choice of clothing could not change their mood.

And yes, I noticed how people dressed there :) It seems to be the same in much of Eastern Europe.

The weekend is over, so I hope you have a wonderful week :)

dyeve on 10 martie 2010, 00:17 spunea...


"There are some people however, who seem to be upset with society, and it would not matter what they wore, their choice of clothing could not change their mood.."-perfect agree with you're point of view.

Clothes, after all, change your mood - I mean, besides the clothes we need to have something very important - it's about Attitude.
Attitude to choose what to wear, when to wear, and especially how we wear...: P

Remain in my opinion that, clothes, yes, makes the man...but, not this shoes..or other craziness..those that fit with the personality of each of us..:)

Thanks a lot. Have a blesed night/or day! :))


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