duminică, 26 septembrie 2010

Bio ~mirror

You know that you should not wear the same dress for any party. I knew I didn't want to spend hundreds on a dress I would only wear once - would much rather spend it on the shoes! - and I wanted something really unfussy...In a time where pinching pennies are just as trendy as the latest clutch handbag, finding clothes that are both affordable and chic are extremely important for our wallets and our closet, right? Luckily, there are many dresses out there that are very affordable.”Where?” - Here, at  my home of course..

Yes, I've been invited to a party but I was unsure of what to wear. "So,what do you do Dy? Can you take your cocktail dress to the dry cleaner or unlock the safe and take out the diamonds?" Perhaps none of the above. Sometimes, when someone has a crush on you, or simply invited you to a  party,  is  much better to ask yourself:”Can you make your own dress?” – „Yes, babe, but how should looks like this one?” -
Well, a party with a strict dress code, needs a long dress. Dress party, must be sweet too, not-so-innocent pieces, depending on the style .. Is the choice which can not fail as long as the model is simple, but effective. I need an oufit that emanates sensuality, elegance and romance. So, let’s think! If I choose a silk dress then is an investment that has the potential to last indefinitely if it is protected, cleaned and stored properly. Silk is a strong fiber, but it is also easily damaged. Begin protecting your silk dress when you handle it by making sure your hands are clean, dry and free of hang-nails that can snag the fabric.
„Hmm..Ok, I'll be careful!”

But, what is silk anyway? ~ Is a very soft and smooth material.100 silk can be very expensive because they are taken from little worms which will take days to make silk into silk dress. Traders probably began to bring silk from East Asia to Western Asia around 2000 BC. By the time of the Roman and Parthian Empires, silk was very popular in Western Asia and around the Mediterranean and a lot of silk scarf  was being imported. Because it had to come from so far away, silk was very very expensive. Ordinary people could not afford to wear silk. But everyone wanted to wear silk. It was very pretty, smooth and shiny and soft, and comfortable to wear.
Well, now for this party I want simple and everyone stares when I come in or if I want something that says „wow” and „pops”.I think the silk dress is perfect. As a women you are allowed to dress more colourful and use more fashionable accessoires, but not all the time.

The design shown in this picture, it select a simple design in which I can give beauty by offers a good way to make a good combination between of two materials. The silk and applications from embroidered lace, hand stitching crystal strass on it. Such material you can consider delicate details applications. This could be the perfect choice with that little slight transparency which creates the illusion of revealing more, without revealing all as this picture will show, but give this dress piece an elegant feel, making it easy for me to quickly create a memorable ensemble. That something it allows woman some element of surprise ...though not much! ~ smiles.

..Maybe  this dress is absolutely stunning on its own, yet it would look even more stunning if you’re a slim type and this dress will accentuate it. The dark blonde hair with red color is clean and stunning and it looks so „red carpet” ...

I will stand out for sure, but I don’t know if I get compliments on it, but I hope people really appreciated its classy (not trashy)  and maybe they'll think I look at least pretty much all right. You know what? I'll look absolutely gorgeous in it! I know becouse I’m definitely into fashion and all about looking my best. 
Now, " that amazingly gorgeous",  get out from here! Seems just mix perfectly. :P


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