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What is soul? - part.1

The soul is tumultuous, is anarchic, vengeful and rebels against the order. Within its sensations, feelings and desires configure volcanic emotions, which the bank often overwhelms the person who came to be ruled by the soul. We used to live under the empire of the soul and therefore it seems dull and lacking spontaneity lifestyle led by the spirit.

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The soul represents the second structure of the human entity, between the physical and spiritual. It manifests as coordinated projection individualized spirit of consciousness and is transgressed in a field plane vibrational energy between the 4 and 60 hertz (Hz) structured on four levels of frequency perceptive Delta 4 Hz, theta 4-7 Hz, Alpha 7 - 14 Hz and beta 14-60 Hz. Manifested by emotional reactions (IE) under the imperative of managing three forces: sensation, feeling, desire and expressed through emotional-volitional behavior. Sensation type PRANA energy supplies, energy type FOHAT feeling and desire type KUNDALINI energy. Emotion, as a product of the three types of force generates an energy type is the result of ISH and relationship between sensation, feeling and desire. is measured in units of Consciousness (UC), reported on a scale from 1-100.

To understand how "work" the soul, we define three three coordinating forces and energies that are "food" soul, as follows:

Feeling (Sz) = capacity of perceiving the receptions transmitted through the five senses, belonging to the body. Occurs under the influence of the spirit soul body, which is only able to bring into conscious action. Interruption univocal relationship between spirit and soul automatically lead to loss of consciousness. Lack of awareness is to define the state of coma. Feeling the amount of energy traveling routes Prana Nadis (subtle energy transmission circuits, which veil nerve and that electromagnetic energy is transmitted). Is calculated as:

P = pulse value
Vnm = speed of motor nerve signal in 60 ms;
Vns = speed signal in the sensitive nerve 19,4 ms;
G = weight of the person concerned.

Sense(S) = body spiritula attitude towards a certain sensation. Occurs under the influence of spiritual determinations. Powered by Fohat energy circulating NADIS channels. Is calculated as:


Ts = systolic;
Td = diastolic

Feelings are extremely varied and covers most of the soul. They are of two types, classified by the reactions they produce in the soul: good joy, peace, serenity, confidence, joy, delight, satisfaction, comfort, pleasure, satisfaction, harmony, understanding, calm, serenity, joy of life, available , delight, pleasure, kindness, beauty, optimism, generosity, enthusiasm, honesty, respect, esteem, commitment, and negative anxiety, impatience, annoyance, anger, fear, dread, doubt, regret, boredom, jealousy, hatred, envy, sadness , revenge, malaise, pouting, bitterness, sorrow, discontent, disgust, misery, need, calamity, evil, annoyance, irritability, nervousness, fright, anger, rancor, malice, arrogance, slander, violence, agitation, pretense, selfishness, regret , fear, pessimism, discouragement, apathy.

Desire (D) = trend soul body is manifested through action. Determinism is reflected in the sensations and feelings. Virtual commitment represents a real action under influence of Kundalini. Is calculated as:

where and representing the geometric mean between Ts and Td.

Emotion (E) = soul body reaction against the values of sensation, feeling and desire. Variable is the factor produced by resistance to dissipation in the heart of the three congruent energies (Prana, Fohat, Kundalini) on NADIS channels, generating an energy product called MANA. A carrier of emotion is manifested in electromagnetic energy traiectele nerve. Is calculated as:

* Resistance to energy dissipation (Prana, Fohat, Kundalini) is calculated as:

h = 6,6256(5) x 10-31 J.s.
l = 1,6890(6) x 10-14 m.

ni = the ratio of a particular type processes "and" occurring at the interaction between the incident flux (amount of sense), a target particle (value of the event and the number "n") and energetic particles that cross the channels nadis (the amount of desire considered position original). Consciousness units defining emotion of 10 to 10 points quantified on a scale of 1-100, the following levels:

Value U.C.
Emotion category

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