miercuri, 5 mai 2010

Progressive musical for Aguilera ?

The premiere of the insanely hot "Not Myself Tonight" video like I said on my other blog - is finally here and realy worth it. Christina Aguiera  dances, takes shots, and kisses the boys (and girls) on her naughty new single from her first studio album in almost four years, due June 8. “The old me’s gone, I feel brand new,” sings the sexy devil. The high-octane club record was written and produced by proven hitmakers Ester Dean (“Rude Boy”) and Polow Da Don.
"Not Myself Tonight"  video which premiered on VEVO on Fri. April 30, 2010 in support of the lead single from the multi-Grammy winning singer-songwriter’s forthcoming album Bionic, to be released on June 8, 2010.

The 29-year-old songstress describes the album as a unique mix of many genres and styles of music, “I was able to explore and create a fresh, sexy feel using both electronic and organic elements with subject matter ranging from playful to introspective. I am so excited for my fans to hear the new sound. It is something I don’t think anyone will expect.”
BTW - Lady GaGa does videos that go over the top, and when she does it si trie there a clear sense of purpose, even if the actual purpose is often difficult to sense!  :D    
Christina's video "Not Myself Tonight"  feels like a GaGa rip-off in structure, and uncomfortably quotes from Madonna throughout,  including homages to "Human Nature," "Erotica," "Express Yourself" and "Erotica, homepages to "Human Nature press Yourself".

But, always there is a but - here is a fine line between quoting and imitating, and also it's about a.t.t.i.t.u.d.e. and S.t.y.l.e. If two women wear identical the same dress, that does not mean it looks great in that dress both of them, just one, right?  So, I'm not sure that this video always gets it exactly right, but :) after the childbrith Christina  looks not good VERRY GOOD and the song is not bad, actually it's really f****** good, oke , and Christina is just gorgeus and very " comestible"; if I were a man I really feel like eating here - it's like a cookie.... 
Enjoy, this new song! < 3


Will on 6 mai 2010, 04:45 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
Not really my favorite kind of music ,but it's not too bad.lol
Have a great day.

Dr. Heckle on 7 mai 2010, 00:05 spunea...

No better way to make a comeback than to kiss both guys and girls!

dyeve on 10 mai 2010, 23:00 spunea...


But you must admit that Aguilera looks hot, hot, right? This was the idea..:P


dyeve on 10 mai 2010, 23:02 spunea...


I must understand that you like it or not? ;)

For sure, Aguilera has a great voice and look great too after she was pregnant.Thx for comment, I hope to see you here next time, too.



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