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The beautiful model Agyness Deyn ..

Agyness Deyn: Style Maverick
Britain's hottest export reaches fashion-icon status with her edgy-chic look. 
Model Agyness Deyn has been on top of the fashion heap for three years running. With her ever-changing platinum coif and punk-coquette vibe, the fresh-faced beauty has made her mark as a modern-day muse.
But this child of the '80s has always been a fashion renegade. "My mum used to always dress me and my sister in matching Laura Ashley dresses," says Deyn, 26. "And I'd be like, 'Mum, I just wanna wear my Doc Martens!'" This girlish style, toughened up with subversive kicks, is still the linchpin of her look today. She easily morphs from a grungy gamine in a vintage tee, skinny jeans, and studded Converse high-tops into a va-va-voom vamp in a glam minidress complete with a Marilyn Monroe 'do.
With her chameleonlike traits, it's no wonder she's a designer favorite (from Burberry's Christopher Bailey to pal Henry Holland). But Deyn also has her sights set on acting, art, and, well, the world at large. "I'm just spreading my wings at the moment," she says somewhat coyly. "I wanna try lots of different stuff."
One of her upcoming ventures involves collaborating with her 22-year-old sister, Emily, who is moving into Deyn's apartment in New York's East Village from Manchester, England. "We're going to start working together on art and fashion projects," says Deyn excitedly.
And when the leggy looker isn't jetting from Portofino to Prague for one photo shoot or another, she's often found cycling around downtown New York or bowling and singing karaoke with her mates. Though she's certainly come a long way from the chip shop she worked in as a teen, Deyn handles her fame in a winsome manner, insisting she's just a normal girl. Well, one who's stalked by paparazzi, anyway. "It's annoying when you're dating different people because then it looks like you have a million boyfriends."

                                    Thriller Fashion cover shoot with Agyness

                                                  looks inspired by her playlist

 to be continued

sursa : (Anamaria Wilson- Bazar)


heloisa on 5 septembrie 2009, 22:12 spunea...

nice blog, congratulations!

dyeve on 6 septembrie 2009, 03:37 spunea...


muchas gratias sonrisas

"BUTTERY"fly on 6 septembrie 2009, 16:11 spunea...

She reminds me of Gwen Stefani..
Her Balmain outfits were insane, I love the edgy look! Never would have taught that she actually grew up with Laura Ashley's..

Walkyria Suleiman on 6 septembrie 2009, 17:07 spunea...

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dyeve on 6 septembrie 2009, 18:55 spunea...

yáa..I love hr..also Gwen ..bouth of them are original..and have something to say to us..also.I like Milla Jovovich..I will post soon something with her.

dyeve on 6 septembrie 2009, 19:13 spunea...

@Walkyria Suleiman

I was, and I found nice new posts. there..smiles..well done..
Have a nice sunday and a good start monday morning!


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