joi, 18 martie 2010

What you choose :)

The top 20 Most Beautiful Women in the World is gone!  But, with so many beautiful woman world wide selected from fashion, movies, music and other arenas are filled with exquisite women each unique not only in respect of their talents but also in terms of their looks. The one thing linking them together is their beauty that shines through. We know who was the winner - is the first woman over here - Eva Mendez, but following
this photo, Who is the most stunning and breathtaking for You? I know is hard  to choouse- but let me know, who is youre favorite one?:)

 Eva Mendez

Katie Holmes
Rosario Dawson
Alessandra Ambrosio
Jessica Alba
Bar Rafaeli
 Aishwarya Rai
Penelope Cruz
Nicole Scherzinger
Jessica Biel
Adriana Lima
Naomi Campbell
Alicia Keys
 Janet Jackson
 Angelina Jolie
Monica Bellucci
 Heidi Klum
 Halle Berry

  Claudia Lynx


Paul on 18 martie 2010, 04:17 spunea...

Eva Mendes, Bar Rafaeli, and Adriana Lima :) Their cleavage is probably clouding my judgment a little.

dyeve on 18 martie 2010, 08:40 spunea...


:)) Just a little? Oookie..I like also Eva Mendez <3 a lot , Adriana Lima of course - great woman, and about Angelina who doesn't? <3<3<3...

Thx Paul

Anonim spunea...

How i wish i could hug them all but Monica Bellucci certainly deserves a tight hug from me.

Julong on 23 martie 2010, 00:30 spunea...

Its very nice blog...

dyeve on 23 martie 2010, 20:46 spunea...


She said nothing about this hug
just few drinks :P

dyeve on 23 martie 2010, 20:47 spunea...


I like all of them, hard to decide wich one to chouse.. :))

Anonim spunea...

@dyeve, you're jealous huh!

dyeve on 24 martie 2010, 16:58 spunea...

@ theBluesman

Me, jealous..about what and about whom?

If I was, I would not be asking of any opinion about these beautiful chicks :P ~if I wanted I could put my own pictures...OMG! :))

Ha? Besides..sometimes I look like Eva and Monica too..if I want just. All the mistery and the difference here is that I am not so famouse like them..but, never know..

OMG! - you're crazy,man! =))))))))))))))))))))

Anonim spunea...

@dyeve, it's ok to be jealous, it's just the trait of a being a wonderful human being and you're one really. Somehow i could sense that you're having some similarities with Monica, but with Eva well name wise maybe. Me crazy? you're not far off actually as today i'm brain dead, didn't you read my blog post today?

dyeve on 24 martie 2010, 17:48 spunea...


I am not jelous, man.
An other man told me once that I look like Monica..but's faraway..depends..of my colour of hair, dres..mood..:Petc.

Look to the last 4 pictures and you can pick one of them.. -

and I can swear that I look somtimes..maybe in the past with Eva ;))

(I visit you're blog in the morning - I will comment later..couse I feel you a little depresed or I don't have something..}


dyeve on 24 martie 2010, 17:50 spunea...


I think you are a jelous person :P..yes, this I think for sure :-)

Anonim spunea...

You maybe right about your having a little bit of similarities with Eva except Eva has got some 'lioness" look in her which is quite absent in your case and Eva has this mole or moles on her face which i hope she could just remove them in order to add more value to her beauty.

And i've seen the 5 pictures in your other blog and i would opine that there are many close similarities in the sexuality aspect between both of you. Are you leading me to this conclusion? Well, it's perfectly all right to me as i'm in complete agreement. Absolutely. The Eva's 3rd picture on the sofa caught my eyes straightaway.

About my blog post today about being brain dead, well it was my way of switching off for a day just to balance my sanity after a late night and waking up so early in the morning today. The cloudiness was soon over after some run in Facebook & answering my emails (btw you still have not answered a few of my email enquiry i think) in the latter part of the day. Mind you i've never actually been depressed in my life what more in front of my PC but i sometimes appear depressed esp when i'm looking for new ideas. I've got a few ideas to work on in the next couple of weeks.

And you still think that i'm quite a jealous person by nature. I do admit it at times i am and if i may appear to be jealous it's because i'm always a passionate person. i love life &...

dyeve on 24 martie 2010, 20:51 spunea...


1 About the mole..I have one exactily like her in the right side just a little up then she.

Now,let me give you someting to read..

They are called points of beauty, even many ( like theBluesman..) believe that is an exaggeration and yet, just banalele moles skin could be the symbol of youth, writes The Daily Mail.

Scientists argue that those who have many moles on the body have a biological age years lower than "normal" people with perfect skin. Those marked with "points of beauty not only have a younger body, but will look several years younger than the rest

And more important than aesthetic argument is related to health - lucky owners of moles have fewer opportunities to choose the disease occurring in old age, osteoporosis or heart disease.

"Dermatologists have always said that nature does not give us anything without reason. And if moles had not only the role to increase the risk of melanoma, was not very smart, "explains little empirical research team head, Veronique Bataille British dermatologist.

The team at Kings College London has issued these conclusions about the influence of moles of age after studying the DNA of 900 pairs of twins. Researchers focused on telomerelor, "packages" of DNA that covers the ends of chromosomes and have a vital role in aging.

These packages also shorten as cells divide and eventually become so short that cells die. Packages so that those who have longer (and more than 100 moles, the researchers measured how many) may be convinced that at 40, maybe 45 years will look just like 30 ..

The good news continues to flow....:))

2. I am a lioness inside my ascendent..and I dont look like all the time..but..Take care!...Roaaaarrrrrrr!:)))))))

I'm not interested in whether or not I look like of any other chiks we discussed here, far more important is that I AM like ME and not like anybody else in this world - each person are unique - So, I love to be just like I am - like me, what is more cool. ;)

Anonim spunea...

very impressive input concerning the moles ! ..."trait of a being a wonderful human being and you're one really"..someone said that above and i could certainly hear the big ROARRRRR from my end of the world, Cool!

Satish on 7 august 2010, 18:58 spunea...

Angelina,Aishwarya and Jessica..... don't ask me how many times I scrolled through the page to decide ;-).

hans spunea...

Monica Bellucci is my favourite


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