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How to properly welcome..

In the countryside, small towns or the outskirts of large cities, there are still good and ancient custom of welcoming all those who meets either known or unknown. In these places, the feeling of belonging to the same community is still alive and not salute means you attract antipathy all.

Anonymity great city, where you are lost in the crowd, no longer be clear that widespread welcome. Here is another code, whose customary practice governing the way to say hello. Here are some of its basic rules: first, a woman welcoming her husband, even if it's young, young or young I greet those who are older, those who are new revenue already collected, inferiore per senior. It is mandatory to answer any greeting as to refuse to answer a welcome means it seriously hurting the one that you addressed.

We begin by about how to greet a gentleman. When dating a man salutes first lady. Generally, the greeting means outta your hat, about two meters before the meeting, to a slightly lean on no insistence in the eyes of the person hailed, and then you put your hat back on head. I do not explain why the usual, you find a token of respect to someone, almost completely disappeared and was replaced with caciulii keep the head in any circumstance! Note that the cap on your head in the exhibition halls, the theaters, or restaurants.
The cold is no excuse! It is strictly forbidden to sit with the hat on his head all these places. Just kidding, nothing is strictly prohibited in the conduct of anyone, but the risk of being labeled as crude is inevitable. Ceausescu always addressing people with ears thickseted cap well. I noticed that Don Carlos - King of Spain - to speak of a crowd with her head covered. Nothing, no time to learn!

Returning to the speech - the gentleman who meets a female person known, ceases to smoke cigarette or pipe and his hand out of his pocket. Lifting his hat is always mine is located opposite the slopes in person welcomed. It is a familiarity not allowed, even between friends, to sum up gesture to a touch of boron hat, without a lift. In this case, it's better to keep hat on head and welcome the report. What happens if you do not wear the hat? The rule is very simple. Content with a bow that will be maybe a little deeper if you greet Dacite hat. Stupor to watch T.V. young caps per comfortable standing in front of the camera and respunzind questions. It is inadmissible!

But your Lord, how you greet? Simple - you nod that will be addressed through a smile that will be encountered person you recognized it. Anglo-Saxon countries, welcomed the first woman, to authorize such a salute to Mr. met. In contrast, in continental Europe, the rule is the following: Mr. welcome, Mrs. answer. Ms. younger one greet the elderly who nod. Two same sex and same age are welcome at a time.

You have the right to refuse a greeting? I already said that he refused to answer the greeting means to make the other understand that you seriously offended, you or one of your family members. Besides these cases, there greeting that you can refuse it without deliberately and grossly violate the basic rules of good fit. There are still occasions when I would rather we do not see certain people to welcome them because we had a conflict with them. These cases require more tact and a great presence of mind to find an honorable solution. To avoid meeting, we do when we are still at large distance. But if a meeting is unavoidable, we welcome short. This greeting may be a little lesson for the other if he is guilty, and if we are guilty, our greeting may lead to a reconciliation.

It often happens that some people - whose circle of relationships is lying or simply, whose memory is poor - has the impression that recognize someone and say hi or not to recognize. Say, I cunoscutpe a lady in evening dress, and now, because it is dressed in costume no longer recognizes. Gym teacher that you always see in teaching can become unrecognizable when it is dressed elegantly. For this reason, we welcome even if we are not sure that I know the other. A quick look we salute was given by mistake, but never forget that we were not welcomed by someone unknown. There are no rules without exceptions. Thus, we avoid to greet a person, especially a lady, if we meet in a compromising company.

In the army, greeting is strictly regulated - inferiore hi to his superior as binding. Rail staff, post, for customs officials, no other rules. They greet without knowing, the mere fact that it bears the same uniform. On the other hand, might say that's pretty nice to be welcomed when you are driving even by a stranger.

Not entering a local welcome, who was there nod. This rule is available in restaurants, compartimante train, waiting rooms, elevators, stores. A well-grown man off his hat and stop a time when passing a funeral convoy. Get up, you discover when it sings the national anthem or a flag when a state is high. During the ceremony, you must behave decently, to show its compliance with the feelings of others. In other news, we welcome the entire group he belongs to an acquaintance. It is understood that persons who will accompany a nod, but will not ask your name.


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I recomend this Very friendly blog!

Anonim spunea...

this post gives a good insight to the whole meaning of welcome. May i ask, how do you welcome me if i were to visit you at your residence?

btw, this must be yr 200th post huh?

dyeve on 3 februarie 2010, 19:10 spunea...

@Algave Tour Guide
I just visit it :)

dyeve on 3 februarie 2010, 19:11 spunea...


I don't know..but for sure with the open arms;))

Yes..was the 200thpost..:)

Will on 5 februarie 2010, 16:26 spunea...

Hi Dyeve.
thank you for your kind comment on blog catalog.:)
It's highly appreciated by all of us at MFS.
Have a great Week-End!

Anonim spunea...

difference place difference culture, your posting made me understand how the other part of the world welcoming peoples

Thanks Dyeve

dyeve on 6 februarie 2010, 00:32 spunea...

You know already that is a pleasure for me to visit MFS.

Thank a lot, I apreaciate that :)
Have a Great Week-End, Will!

dyeve on 6 februarie 2010, 00:37 spunea...

@ Rad
It's amasing you know...
All races in the world can interbreed because they have so much in common...you don't have any idea...:)


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