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In tribal life beckon people shouting or to protect others from danger or to tell their peers that they have found food. But like many things that originally were vital, greeting has become a symbol. But even today it requires a certain ceremony which raises many problems. You know to say hello is, indeed, prove that you know to respect usage. Greetings from the first show of courtesy with which greeted someone. Although formulas are old when greeting people, greeting itself has mimics, body position, posture, an infinity of shades that modify or complete them meaning. A simple hello can show someone, for example, to what extent we know, provided he adds another small gesture. A salute is a form of politeness, but do not involve the same degree of cordiality. We know how difficult it is to make the children to greet someone. 

The children hug their mother whenever I see to prove love. But if, appears neasteptete Uncle Basil, with his black beard and bushy, the child will absolutely refuse to remove any question. Not much, at the insistence of parents, the little sketch of the top lip to a greeting of welcome. The situation will be embarrassing for everyone and especially for his uncle who accused the entire family will increase the poor little one. It soon will be randomly subject of discussion of all relatives. With a little patience and tact can prevent this tragic-comedy.
We will go over the incident because the child is too small and make an imaginative effort to enter his universe filled with all the other problems. Love you push the little salute her mother a hundred times a day. We can ask the same attitude towards it inhibits the uncle that's terrible man? We do it for fear a gesture of love? Clearly, no. But for adults, greeting does not mean a manifestation of love, but a gesture of courtesy, convention.

For now that is very small child, the only criterion is that of sympathy or antipathy. Later, under the influence of education he will convince one of how is the appropriate greeting in relationships with men. No man is so insignificant that it would welcome a number from us. Those wanting to gaze fixed with tight lips and with a grimace on his face be welcomed as a possible answer is and impolite and bad faith. Louis XIV on a welcoming and last cook with the same courtesy that you show and towards the brilliant Miss Devaliere. But dude can not believe that their dignity is impaired by a polite greeting.


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from the female point of view, how do lovers greet each other, dy?

dyeve on 3 februarie 2010, 19:12 spunea...


The lovers..they are kissing all over and all over again :))

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