miercuri, 31 august 2011

Take a break, read a book

Reading habit like other habits is developed in an individual during a period of time and is subject to change with age and maturity.Regular and systematic reading sharpens the intellect, refines the emotions, elevates tastes and provides perspectives for one’s living.

Today I have a beautiful video directed by Matthias Zentner for American premium cable television Showtime who come out with this impressive piece. Matthias Zentner worked as a freelance travel journalist and photographer before film-making, but he swapped life on the road to train as a broadcast editor and graphic designer.

Let your imagination spread its wings and think out-of-the-box and materialize this fictional and fantastical video. You can imagine a story perhaps  with mysterious creatures and places in a  place of never-ending wonder or what you want. Enjoy!

PS - You know, I don't want to admit to it but when I'm reading a book with a particularly lovely book smell every so often I hold my nose close to the pages and inhale. Am I a weirdo?:))  


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