luni, 26 iulie 2010

Prizes for my dearest bloggers..

I received from the blog "A Arte de Paulo Sergio Zerbatopszarte seal "Blog amigable", a recognition that for us, the ENGENHOLITERARTE is very important - indeed essential - for us to continue having forces remain day-after-day in these labyrinths inaccurate and lonely on the web. Proud, we want to pass the same pleasure, the same breath with joy and say through the same gesture that, we are following you . ( I recived this one )


Through this label are rewarded bloggers who transmit cultural, ethical, literary, personal etc.. That, in short, demonstrate their creativity by alive thinking that remains intact and is among his letters, between words.

These stamps were created with the intent to promote fellowship among bloggers, a way of showing affection and recognition for work that adds value to the Web. It's good manners that anyone who receives the "Prix Darts" and accepted, follow a few rules: View the Distinctive Image; Point the Blog for which he received the prize; Choose a number of people of your choice and a blog for each person chosen to offer the "Premium Darts."

Presented by the quality, all my 240 or not would receive, but need choices, then follow those who believe understand the custom and accept the invitation of friendship and proposed integration.

The Blog List:

1.  Anderson Wasser  -  The Best Man Who Knows How to Fly a Paraglider!

2.  TheBluesman  - The Most Sweet Person!..shhh! Who Still LikesChicks! Special Person!


3.  Aswani - The Best damn Web-Man Ever!

4.  Andrian - The Best of The Best! Cel Mai Dependent de Calitate si Oameni!

5. Sci-Fi Gene - He's the Best and Special! - He Know All The Tricks used by Aliens and All the DNA

6.Ladygoodwood- She's The Best Friendly and Symphatetic Person Ever!

7. Every Thought Counts  - She's The Most Beautiful Lioness Ever!


8.M F S - He's the Best-Informed Man Ever About Things Around Us!


9. Tavola De Estrelas - He's a Nice Sensible Person with Awesome Poems! 

10.NothingProfund -The Best Poet of The Millenium, Special Person!

11. La inceput de drum - Postarile lui sunt scrise de Un Penel Haios si Full de Umor!(depends of his mood)

13. Freak Smack - He's Control Freaks Mode and can Control other Freaks! He's special and sensible,too!


13.Dekash- This Man Always been The Biggest Rock Singer Icon for Me!

14.Jayme - She Have The Most Nice Collections and The Best Dragon Art - Ever! ditto!

15.Basatish - He's The Best Linux Man on Web!

16.Jeremy Janson - He Is The Best Free Encyclopedia! ditto!

17.Agapi Studios - A Very Nice Person and Artist! A Cool One!


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