marți, 20 iulie 2010

Here we go magic again..

Have you had your mouth zipped  recently by " vuvuzela" called  World Cup in South Africa? No, becouse Spain deservedly won. Oleee!
Now, isn't  summer synonymous with  the heat, beaches, girls in bikinis and marine creatures, or too much sun  produces heatstroke..? Of course, not by alone this time becouse Paul the Octopus who has done her work in the World Championship,  went over seas and oceans in search of the lost paradise, and why not, to be mixed with a Shark.

Oh, yes, and the result should have been a hybrid, just when I thought that freaky movies  had run their course, Sharktopus rises from the depths of the dead sea directly in the Channel SyFy worthy of the legendary Roger Corman, who is responsible for this magic Sharktopus known, now.

The result is seen in the trailer below  and let's keep our fingers crossed for 5 min. that it will eventually turn up becouse is starring Eric Roberts as the scientist responsible for the genetic engineering of the hybrid voracious shark / octopus designed as a military secret weapon to Fight the new Somali pirates.

And just  remember that wherever there's a Shark..ak..ak..ak. and  an  there tends to be  lots of blood be  sure about that....becouse Shark baits and if you wonder what is Eric Roberts, in the center of that,  think that this hard question if's somehow wrong!

Paul the Octopus: Live me alone, Sharkey! I'm exhausted !!!
Shark : Hey,Watch, Rate, Leave Comments, Subscribe, Tell Friends! - he smiled.
Paul the Octopus: Oh, plzz! Gimme a break!
Shark: What happens when you fall in love with a great Octopus?
Paul the Octopus:  I'm in love already with Dr.Sharktopus who's trying to conquer the world.
Shark: It's Dr. Shaktopus more beautiful than me?
Paul the Octopus: Watch out the movie and see!
Shark: How can not love the idea of half-and half-octopus shark eating so much shit again?
Paul the Octopus:Okay, pal, what's your hurry? You were going 45 in a 25 miles per hour zone, already!
Shark: Do you want to swim with the sharks without getting wet?
Paul the Octopus: Oh, no problem, I would rather stay in the pool.
Under the sea, a shark voice says: "Hey, dear, please don't get that big octopus out of the bath tub. I want to take a snack."
Paul the Octopus: Watch out Sharktopus the trailer of probably one of the more absurd from The History of Telemovie.
Shark: Really WTF was that? 


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