miercuri, 16 decembrie 2009

Life, life, life..

"Alone among the crowd,
She sat watching the butterfly
Happy indeed it seemed
Dancing in the wind doing what it loved.

She always thought herself as one
Loving the world and marveling
Until her beauty attracted beasts
That called themselves men.

The finesse of her charm
And the grace in her stride
Manifested her pride and persona
Or so had she believed

Oh but no,not in the eyes of beasts
There did not exist a difference
Between love and lust
Sensible meant nothing but sensuous did
Sensitive was underrated as sentimental

Many a mockery she suffered
Smiled away the ugly grin
She learnt to ignore the insinuations
And swallow the suggestive gazes

She sympathized with their classlessness
Retorted with sarcasm and spite
Struggled with all her might
Only she was the lesser sex.

She refused to surrender
Rebelled with rage
She chose to stand out and stay tough
Their empty arrogance didn’t appeal.

Everything did not go in vain
For the answer did arrive
Smart and understanding
Giving her the respect she deserved.

He was made of principles
And amazing maturity
She felt strong and secure
She wished it lasted forever.

And then he abandoned her
Leaving behind pain and tears
With only memories to haunt
Through day and night.

Though she knew
He did the best for them both
She didn’t want the best
What was there was good enough.

Seasons changed.
Like the monsoon rains
And the attendant mushrooms,
People came and went
With not much impression left.

The crowd was still there
Screaming running and laughing
Some lost in dreams some wary.

The butterfly soared high
Far beyond the noisy chaos
And so did her spirit
It is her life and she’d rule it
With an elegance so far unknown." 

( source: incrediblyirrational)

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