duminică, 30 august 2009

Gothic, renaissance, arhitectural hairdresser..

A multiple finalist in the 2009 Hair expo Awards, Sharon Blain's latest collection is a futuristic take on the Elizabethan period - bold shapes and vibrant colour offer a modern interpretation of a bygone age. Just wonderful. Have a look!...

sharon blain

sharon blain

Hairstylist: Sharon Blain
Photographer: Kylie Coutts

And do not forget about Justin Aveling and his photo..Great!

Justin Aveling photographer manages to capture the birds nest in a Gothic-inspired collection with "gifts of nature" - the beauty of this dummy .. we can  ruffle our skin, feathers when we have such a view in front .. I post some of the beautiful photos here, just for you..Have a look!.smiles

And the 3-rd one..

Designed to display the architectural limits of hair, this series of black and white images draw the eye in with strong silhouettes and an emphasis on texture and detail. Wefts and half wigs were built to create hair that is sculpted, luxurious and dense.

This collection has earnt Matthew a place as a finalist in the Australian Hairdresser of the Year category in the 2009 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair expo Awards.

Hair: Matthew Webb
Photography: Andrew O'Toole

I do not know what style you like more but I like absolutely everything. Seem very original .. after all it's all about art again...

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